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An Unthinkable Shooting Range

By Eric Karlan, published on Jan 5, 2010

It sounds like the beginning of a bad Family Guy breakaway...

"That sounds as stupid as that one time those basketball players pulled unloaded guns on each other..."

Then the show cuts away from the central storyline (or general lack thereof most of the time) and everyone watches as animated depictions of Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton in the Washington Wizards locker room pull unloaded firearms on each other over an expensive card gambling dispute.

It sounds so ridiculous and absurd that you may actually have the inkling to laugh - until you remember that this isn't... (more)

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Absolutely, Strictly a Publicity Decision

By Eric Karlan, published on Dec 3, 2009

When Philadelphia 76ers owner Peter Luukko extended a one-year, non-guaranteed offer to the week-long retiree Allen Iverson, he called the move an "absolutely, strictly a basketball decision." If the use of such adamant adverbs in succession did not already give you sense that Luukko was compensating for something, please allow me to translate his overly emphatic remarks: this move is 'absolutely, strictly a publicity stunt.'

To his credit, Luukko did succeed in suddenly swinging the NBA's media spotlight onto his subpar franchise. But it does not take a sports-entertainment mogul to... (more)

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Jim Carroll Is Now One Of The People Who Died

By Ed Attanasio, published on Sep 14, 2009

Jim Carroll, an icon of the underground for his memoir, 'The Basketball Diaries,' died Friday, Sept. 11, in his New York City apartment of a heart attack, his ex-wife Rosemary Carroll told the New York Times. He was 60.

I met Jim in 1986, when he read some of his poetry at San Jose State University. Afterward, we shared a beer and some other non-heavy drugs. He was a really great guy--we watched an NBA game on TV and chatted for a couple of hours. Every time I meet a great writer, I go home and write. Jim re-excited me about writing back during a down period in my life.

Carroll... (more)

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Filmmaker Sonja Dunson: I Wear Many Hats

By Gary Schwind, published on Sep 11, 2009 accomplishment after the other that rates high. Also having a fantastic mother, father, and brother who supported me. I guess that's at the top of the list. After this is over, I have always stated that I have wanted to own a sports team. That is my dream, to own either a football or basketball team.

Is there one team you have your eye on?

No, but you know Los Angeles is still open for football. They're looking for a football team here. I don't know if there is a lot of confusion about where it should be placed, or the stadium. I try to keep up with it as much... (more)

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Los Angeles Lakers Fans Got Game

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Aug 17, 2009

Los Angeles Lakers Fans Got Game

Los Angeles-The inaugural Lakers 3on3 Basketball Tournament presented by NIKE was held on a hot weekend, August 14-16, 2009. Coca Cola, Powerade and Vitamin Water were in attendance to insure that everyone stayed hydrated. A portion of player registration fees were donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California. Parks and gyms were missing a lot of basketball players this weekend. It seems like the entire street ballers were all downtown for this event. Players came from all over Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

The... (more)

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Synchronicity On San Fernando Road

By SUNofMAN, published on Jan 22, 2009

In this piece “Sun of Man (Billboard version)” an interesting evolvement occurs or should I say recurswithin the nature of being human. Back around ‘92 I read a story in the Arizona Republicon the signing of Charles Barkley to the NBA basketball team the Phoenix Suns.In the article they referred to his arrival as the “coming of the messiah” ready toelevate the Suns to an NBA championship. Knowing how humorous and serious (especially in termsof dollars) it can be to elevate sports figures to unpresented heights-into the hyperreal!I found the story intriguing.... (more)

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Despite Financial Crisis, Campaign Business Is Booming

By JasonTaylor, published on Sep 19, 2008

...Senate”, some viewed the comment as a cheap shot; apparently, Senator Reid viewed it as direction. “No one knows what to do,” Reid said in reference to the financial crisis. “We are in new territory. This is a different game. We’re not out here playing soccer, basketball or football. … It is a multi-trillion dollar issue that is facing America, and we can’t do it on some timeline that is unrealistic.”

If only the Presidential candidates had some way to lend their voices to the congressional dialogue; you know, if only they were... (more)

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Duh Na. Duh Na.

By slowasigo, published on Aug 31, 2008

...This performance was different. We were performing music by John Williams. As an uncooperative student of classical music, two instruments, and neighborhood beat downs, playing such popular music as Star Wars, Superman and Raiders of the Lost Ark was geek-squad equivalents of dunking a basketball, kissing a cheerleader or owning a car.

John Williams is one of the most prolific composers that you don’t know you know. The two notes from the theme song of Jaws that you sing over and over at a pool party are only the start of John Williams’ penetration into the musical ... (more)

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A Time For Cheers, A Time For Tears

By Glenn T, published on Aug 13, 2008

...these days are looking for endorsement deals, contract extensions or free agency while they're still crossing the finish line (or perhaps even before), the simple joy of winning replaced by the prurient pleasure of excessive wealth. But there are no such deals for most Olympic champions (basketball excluded). I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of personal sacrifice required to be the best swimmer, gymnast or diver in the world. Especially when even if your sacrifice and innate talent come together in such serindipitous harmony that you do win a gold medal, you're still... (more)

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Jackson Slams Obama On Tv

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 10, 2008

...blacks. Almost immediately following his comment, Jackson made a public apology. His apology was readily accepted and no calls for his resignation have been made.

Can we say "Double Standard?"

Last year, radio talk show host Don Imus made a comment about the Rutgers Women's basketball team only to be publicly excoriated by the likes of Al Sharpton with calls for Imus' dismissal. His apology was considered not acceptable and Imus is out of a job. He's a white guy making stupid jokes (which I admit were not funny) about a group of black people. But Jesse Jackson's comment... (more)

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