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Joboo Mojo

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 21, 2010

...before the series with the Phillies started. I thought they would be done in 4 and then, I thought they would be done after they won 2. But somehow they keep winning games. I think they have a little Joboo mojo going on as they seem to be one of the most superstitious teams going....and in baseball that's saying something.

First, you've got the Beard. It has become close to a thing of worship in San Francisco. Fear the Beard signs are everywhere. Each time Brian Wilson comes out to save a game, fans go wild. There are T-shirts and signs everywhere. Definitely working the... (more)

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Fatal Mistake

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 19, 2010

The Yankees are going to make a fatal mistake for their next game vs the Rangers. The Yankees are going to go ahead and pitch AJ Burnett in game 4. It's a fatal mistake.

Burnett has pitched badly for months. He has been the direct cause of several Yankees losses over the end of the regular season. He has not had a quality start. He is going to open the door for the Rangers to take a commanding lead in this series in the Yankees home stadium. Burnett also takes away Posada as he has to have his "own" catcher. Posada is an offensive leader, a spark, a catalyst. Without him, the... (more)

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NLCS Preview - Phillies/Giants

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 15, 2010

Both the Phillies and the Giants will take their same pitching rotation order into the NLCS. These rotations worked for both of them in the division series to great success. I think in this series though the outcome could be much different for the Giants.

The Phillies will go with no-hit/perfect game king of the majors Roy Halladay in game 1, and then, Oswalt, Hamels, and Blanton. Halladay will most certainly be Chuck Norris like and the odds are in his favor to have yet another no hit game. The Giants were only able to muster 11 runs in 4 games vs the Braves, who have some fairly... (more)

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ALCS Preview

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 14, 2010

You know, I have always thought that Ron Washington was a bit....different. He's just not like other managers. He makes decisions that are outside the box, and he has done so yet again for the ALCS.

Instead of going the first game with the ace of his staff Cliff Lee, Washington is going with CJ Wilson. Then, the Rangers will go with Colby Lewis, Cliff Lee, and Tommy Hunter. Very unorthodox to say the least. In another move, the Rangers will carry one less infielder and one more reliever. Washington is thinking outside the box and it just might work out for them.

The Yankees... (more)

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Don't worry about Timmy

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Jun 28, 2010

We've called him "The Freak," and we've called him the best, however one way that San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum has never been described is as human.

After starting the 2010 season with a 4-0 record in five starts, posting a 1.27 ERA, the Giants ace seemed to fall off a bit in the month of May.

Lincecum went just 1-2 in six starts in May, allowing a combined 20 runs in 36.1 innings pitched, giving him an inflated 4.95 ERA. This comes not too long after the righty allowed a mere five runs in 35.1 inning pitched a month prior.

"You have your ups and downs during... (more)

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From the Top of the Hill to the Top of California Baseball

By Jeff Weisinger, published on May 24, 2010

...dominant team once the spring came about.We wanted to compare them to the 2009 squad that won a school-record 37 games and finished ranked third in the nation, but that wouldn't be fair. Instead, we just all stayed "even-keel" and let everything fall where they may. Besides... this is baseball. Anything is possible.

It was a year of firsts.

From Roberto Padilla's first, and only, double-digit win season as a Renegade, to Michael Ussery's move to first, to Ohlone's first season as defending Coast Conference Pacific Champions. It was even Curtis Boek's first career... (more)

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The Power of Depress

By alan handwerger, published on Apr 23, 2010

Before I go to all the bother of standing up, I have first to ask myself – why? What could possibly await an erect me that would be worth the considerable effort I will need to expend in order to raise myself from the relative comfort of these, my pillows? Nothing comes to mind. I’ll stay put.

Uh-oh. Here she comes: Captain Lorrie of the energy police. “Are you just going to lie there all day?”

“I’ve been giving that a good deal of thought… I think so.”

“Wallowing in your misery.”


“Well, suit yourself. I’m going out. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

... (more)

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MLB Predictions 2010

By Eric Karlan, published on Apr 3, 2010

...with injuries to Joe Blanton, J.C. Romero, and Brad Lidge, but their hitting is too strong. The two-time defending NL champs will play in October once again, but this time Philadelphia will be the wild card team.


The worst division in baseball is also one with little hope on the horizon, save one city: Cincinnati. After years of patiently waiting, the Reds will finally be a contender once again in 2010. Let by a pitching staff of top prospects – Homer Bailey, Aroldis Chapman, Johnny Cueto, Micah Owings – and veterans finally... (more)

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Ed's Sports Corner

By Ed Attanasio, published on Mar 29, 2010 if you wanted to watch an obscure game (like Bradley vs. Murray State, for example) and that’s why he was a great sports bartender. He will be dearly missed.

Speaking of bartenders, if you ever want a good sports prediction, ask a bartender. I polled several and asked them which baseball teams they think will be in the World Series this year and who will be the champs in 2010.

Paul McManus, the Bus Stop Bar: “I like the Phillies in the NL and either the Red Sox of the Mariners in the AL. I don’t think the Yankees will repeat. And I think the Phillies will win it... (more)

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2-Point Conversing: A Plaque for Mac?

By 2-Point Conversing, published on Jan 17, 2010

...2-Point Conversing. In the meantime, if you do not already have an account with BrooWaha, sign up to contribute to the Conversation by posting an Extra Point of your own below the article.

THE FIRST POINT...Why Eric Karlan immortalizes McGwire

In the early years of professional baseball, right-handed pitcher Ed Walsh of the Chicago White Sox dominated batters with his spitball. By smothering one side of the ball with saliva, petroleum jelly, or any similar substance, Walsh could cause his pitch to move erratically as it approached the plate, proving nearly impossible to hit.... (more)

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