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Read This and I'll Buy You A Ticket to A Kings Game

By Peter Weinberger, published on Feb 1, 2007

...are just not a part of their make up. Wouldn't it be nice to have an athlete you wouldn't be embarassed to introduce your kids to? And hockey players look like you and me. They aren't freakish pituitary cases like basketball players or bloated beasts like football players. And, unlike baseball players, you actually have to be in good shape to play hockey. No pot bellys on these guys. In hockey, tradition is everything. Teams play for the Stanley Cup. If your team wins, you don't keep the Cup for good. Instead, every player on the winning team has his name incsribed on it -- ... (more)

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Occidental Baseball: A Strong Start to a Hopeful Season

By pkafka, published on Jan 29, 2007

... its accomplishments in certain fields. The Occidental football and basketball teams have continually been ranked in national division three polls for the past few years; and this year, with a young coaching staff in only their second season behind the helm, and a talented and fresh roster, the baseball program is hoping to do the same. For the past few years, the Occidental baseball program, unlike the rest of the school and athletic teams has not seen much success. However, this season looks as if it is going to be different. As a second year head coach and ex-professional baseball player, ... (more)

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The Train Man of Ventura, California

By Steven Lane, published on Jan 4, 2007

...apartment to the Ventura Train Platform down by the Fairgrounds. He is always there before the 9:00 arrival of the first train on what he refers to as, "his shift." He's an easy man to spot. A gangly man with long arms and legs, sporting a beat up white bicycle helmet over his signature worn baseball hat. One would be reminded of a modern day Ichabod Crane with the addition of the ever present smile. It turns out, Jerry Drapeau is a "trainspotter". This is not to be confused with Irving Welsh's excellent book or the movie of the same title. According to the English to American Dictionary: ... (more)

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Wii! The future of gaming?

By Ariel, published on Dec 10, 2006

... joysticks, the Wii controller relies mostly on motion sensing: in a tennis game for instance, instead of pressing a button to hit the ball, all you need to do is swing the wiimote as if you were actually playing tennis. Wii Sports, the game bundled with the console, is a set of mini-games: baseball, tennis, golf, boxing, and bowling. All the games are great showcases of the power of the controller. Boxing in particular makes great use of both the wiimote and the nunchk: by holding the former in your right hand and the latter in your left, you control both hands of your boxer on the... (more)

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Death Of A Dodgers Dynasty

By dodgerjon, published on Oct 11, 2006

O'Malley publicly said that he was selling the team because his children weren't interested in running the club. He also said that Major League Baseball was fast turning into a money losing proposition. There might be some truth to these notions, but I believe there are bigger, darker reasons behind O'Malley's departure. Peter O'Malley -- and his father before him -- represented the finest ownership in all of professional sports. Possibly only the Pittsburgh Steeler's father & son team (Art and Dan Rooney) compare. Regardless of your interest in baseball, anyone in LA who knew the name... (more)

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Kicking It With the Homeless

By J. La Mont, published on Oct 6, 2006

In 2003 the Homeless World Cup began with five teams as a way to promote awareness to the plight of the homeless and a way to motivate them off the streets. This week 500 players from 48 countries are competing in Cape Town, South Africa in front of thousands of adoring fans. This isn't your normal futbol. The pace is fast with each team having four players on the field playing seven-minute periods. The fields are makeshift in a large parking lot with each pitch the size of an average tennis court. The only familiar part is that the U.S. has failed to finish in the top three. At first I thought... (more)

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