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San Francisco Was a Major League All-Star Host

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 11, 2007

...of money to see. Maybe if Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin came back from the dead to do a concert. Or possibly the second coming of Jesus Christ. I’d pay five grand to see that, no doubt. Especially if the gift bag included a pass to heaven. I had a great week hanging out with my fellow baseball fans, but the best thing was probably the parade before the game. All of the players drove by and threw stuff to the crowd assembled along the parade route – it was Mardi gras! It was a great opportunity to get very close to the players. Then, I unexpectedly conned my way into the MLB... (more)

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My Picks for the 2007 MLB All-Star Game

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 6, 2007

... my AL and NL all-star team picks. The fans actually did a very good job of getting the best players on each squad, but I do disagree with them in some instances. CATCHER AL: Victor Martinez, Cleveland Indians The fans blew it here, picking Ivan Rodriguez. Martinez is the number one catcher in baseball right now, with power, average and production. People have criticized his defense in the past, but he’s improved in that area and should only get better. NL: Russell Martin, Los Angeles Dodgers The heart and soul of the Dodgers, Martin has all the tools, including speed on the base... (more)

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The All-Star Game, a Mid-Summer Tear Jerker

By dsnyder, published on Jul 4, 2007

On July 10th Major League Baseball will hold its 78th All-Star Game. I can’t wait until July 11th. It isn’t that I dislike the All-Star game, or any of the weekend’s events. In reality, I am among the growing number of sports fans that just aren’t intrigued by the whole event. The home run derby is the equivalent to watching grass grow. It’s what the three point contest would be without a timer, a guy practicing. What I can’t wait for is the end of the incessant whining from fans, sports columnists, and radio personalities. The first real wave of infant like behavior rolls out... (more)

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The Bored Of Education

By Hunter Addams, published on Jul 2, 2007

... come in for their interviews; Wrinkled heavy red/white cotton polo shirt, blue tie with their gold high school insignia on it draped loosely around their neck (of course, if it isn't a clip-on), shirt tucked loosely into their dark baggy blue jeans, and all white sneakers. Oh, don't forget the baseball cap with the tag hanging from it, and hologram sticker under the brim. Not even 10 minutes later, you see them leaving the office in a huff, because they didn't get the job. Communication skills go farther than just the ability to form a sentence. It's in your demeanor, your conversation,... (more)

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Biggio Rewarded, Revered in Historic Evening

By JasonTaylor, published on Jun 29, 2007

...a piece of wood that extends just a little over thirty inches. In a split second, it is swung through the air in an infinitely complicated, yet majestically powerful motion. Craig Biggio, second baseman for the Houston Astros, has mastered this part poetic, part athletic act that we call a baseball swing. On Thursday night he entered the game against the Colorado Rockies with a chance to become the 27th player in history to accomplish 3,000 hits. In the seventh inning, Biggio drove a ball into right-center for to reach the milestone. He didn’t stop there. By the end of the... (more)

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Should Barry Bonds Play in the All-Star Game?

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 26, 2007

With the All-Star game at AT&T Park only two weeks away, the debate over whether or not Barry Bonds belongs on the field for the Midsummer Classic is gaining momentum. People in this town are buying into the all-star hype. There hasn’t been this much baseball-related excitement around here since the 1989 Bay Bridge World Series between the Giants and the A’s. As Barry nears the record for career home runs, the local media is pushing for fans to vote for Bonds. But, it doesn’t look good. The voting closes on Thursday and Bonds is currently in fourth place among NL outfielders, trailing... (more)

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1st Half Awards for the 2007 MLB Season

By Shawn Norris, published on Jun 20, 2007

As the 1st half of the baseball season winds down, it's time to give out some 1st half awards for the 2007 MLB Season. Now I am not saying that these players will win these awards or that all of them will continue to play at the level they are currently at, but at almost the halfway point in the MLB season it's time to look at the players who have really stood out. As Fred the Baker used to say "It's time to make the donuts..." Most Valuable Player American League Alex Rodriguez - While the White Sox Magglio Ordonez makes a strong case for MVP as well, you can't look past A-Rods staggering... (more)

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Party Time At The Playboy Jazz Festival

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jun 20, 2007

...Me with vocalist Melba Joyce. They concluded their set with a rousing rendition of “One O’ Clock Jump.” Issac Delgado from Cuba who presently resides in my hometown of Tampa, Florida took the musical entertainment up a notch. Just like the seventh inning stretch seen at a baseball game, Issac Delgado and his band got the crowd up out of their seats, off of the benches to dance to the contagious hot Latin sounds of salsa and the new sounds of timba. Several famous Playboy Jazz Festival conga lines snaked throughout the Hollywood Bowl. Saturday’s line-up also... (more)

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He Played With the Greats: Hobie Landrith

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 17, 2007

...was a regular for a weak Cubs team in 1956 and hit .221 while leading all NL catchers in errors. As a regular on the 1959 Giants, Landrith had his best season, hitting .251 with 29 RBI and 30 runs in 283 AB’s. The Early Days: "I was lucky because I had an early childhood experience in baseball that probably a lot of other kids would want to copy. When I was 15 years old, playing baseball on the sandlots of Detroit, a Detroit Tigers scout approached me and asked if I would want to come down to Tiger Stadium and catch batting practice while they were trying to get Hank Greenberg into... (more)

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Alleged Stanley Cup Celebration in Anaheim

By J. Lyon Miller, published on Jun 11, 2007 "boasts" 30 teams, more than a third in cities outside of the sport's gravitational center of Canada and the US Northeast. What many TV executives, team owners and NHL officials have routinely ignored is one aggravating little fact: Americans grow their own. The Big Three, football, baseball, and basketball, were made by Americans, for Americans (Ok, Dr. Naismith, we know you were Canadian, but you waited until you got to Kansas to put up the peach baskets). Baseball became an American obsession in the 19th century, and despite the fact that it was Our Sport, it rarely, if ever... (more)

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