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John Mayer Continues Incredible Dating Spree

By Ed Attanasio, published on Aug 22, 2007

...Diller, Anne Heche and Jennifer Love Hewitt, not to mention a bunch of models, wannabe actresses and other assorted female hotties. The man's little black book is larger than the new version of Webster's Dictionary. Mayer is on an incredible run, collecting babes like young boys collect baseball cards. Now to top it off, he’s dating Cameron Diaz. We haven't seen a streak like this since Joe DiMaggio hit safely in 56 straight games more than five decades ago. If Mayer had a hit song for every babe he’s been out with, he’d have sold more records than Elvis Presley ... (more)

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There's No Suing in Baseball!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Aug 17, 2007 up a whole can of worms. Sportswriters and announcers will be getting slapped with suits right and left for criticizing athletes. Players will be sued for bench jockeying. Bonds is going to ruffle a lot of feathers with this one, because everyone knows that there’s no suing in baseball. One of the great things about sports is that attorneys can't play them and don't determine the outcome. Sure, they negotiate players’ contracts and are behind the scenes, but that’s their role and it’s very limited. Now, lawyers will be suing other athletes on behalf of ... (more)

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Sister Sandy Koufax

By Ed Attanasio, published on Aug 7, 2007

Like many people in this country, I grew up with baseball. The earliest memories I have about the game involve playing it -- my first mitt, bound in rubber bands and stored under my bed to work it in; trying to catch those first thrown baseballs and dropping at least 20 before one miraculously fell into my glove; my first World Series (1968 – Detroit beat St. Louis), watching Bob Gibson scowl as he struck out 18 Tigers reminded me of our fourth grade Physical Education teacher, Mr. Cannon, who believed in jumping jacks and medicine balls and couldn’t tolerate “mouthy punks” like myself.... (more)

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The Bonds HR Tour Goes South

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 30, 2007

... rivalry. Roberts really surprises me with his ignorant comments. The man has played for both the Giants and the Dodgers, so he must know that Giants fans are boorish, rude, obnoxious and really offensive when it comes to the SF-LA rivalry. Dodger fans are much more laid-back. They enjoy their baseball, but they’re not willing to get into a fist fight over it and possibly mess up some really expensive plastic surgery. Roberts knows this, but he’s just trying to put a pro-SF spin on it. My question is – how do you think Giants fans would act if the situation were... (more)

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A Dark Time In American Sports History

By robertanchor, published on Jul 27, 2007 the business, due to the enormous amounts of money Vick would place on most of his bets. Guilty or not, I cant see how anyone could see this unfortunate circumstance as something that is good for the NFL or its fans. Far from the fields that once belonged to the "golden years" of baseball, now stands the new era of the game. The ongoing steroid investigation plays a major part into how people will perceive what’s left of baseball's integrity. Steroids, gambling, and illegitimate records, have up to this point polluted today’s era. What’s been known as... (more)

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A Disturbing Week In Professional Sports

By Mark Barkawitz, published on Jul 25, 2007

...columns to opinions rather than game scores and free agent signings? Because the cheaters and beaters are stealing the headlines. Each of the major (and a few of the minor) sports in our country has been rocked recently by embarrassing and illegal developments by its participants. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig is following Barry Bonds, who has admitted before a grand jury to using performance-enhancing products unwittingly, around the country while he attempts to break Hank Aaron’s lifetime homerun record (pre-steroid era). Barry’s personal trainer Greg Anderson ... (more)

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Jim Davenport: Former SF Giants All-Star/Manager

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 23, 2007 1962, and batted .136 in the Fall Classic while SF lost to the New York Yankees in 7 games. Davenport never really intended to play in the major leagues. He went to Southern Mississippi on a college football scholarship and wanted to be a high school football coach, but ended up playing baseball. Davenport managed one year at the MLB level, in 1985 with the Giants, piloting a team that finished 56-88 and six games out of first place in the NL West. He was also a third base coach for many years, with San Francisco, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland and San Diego. Willie Mays: "The... (more)

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San Francisco is Going Bonkers for Bonds

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 21, 2007

The balls are being marked, City Hall is festooned in orange (see photo) and every move Barry Bonds makes is being chronicled throughout the world. Baseball fans, souvenir hunters and those who just want to be around baseball history will flock to San Francisco next week hoping to see Barry Bonds hit the big one. The Giants slugger is only two more homers away from tying Hank Aaron's career mark of 755, perhaps the most well-known record in the world of sports. There’s a very good chance that he could break the record during a seven-game homestand starting Monday against the Atlanta Braves,... (more)

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Bonds Ineligible for Role Model Status

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 16, 2007

...account his admission to using steroids to improve his chances of taking Aaron’s record. It isn’t enough that he broke St. Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire’s single season home run record, Bonds has set his sights on the last home run record still standing from the days when baseball was a game to be honored and in some cases revered. Bonds seems to want it all. Problem is, he has been cheating his way there. The same was said of McGwire, but this isn’t about him. The last baseball player to set a legitimate home run record was Hank Aaron. Prior to that, it was ... (more)

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He Played With the Best in Baseball: Nino Bongiovanni, 96

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 15, 2007

...was our ballpark. And the rest of the infield and the entire outfield was nothing but weeds. I wanted to play ball so badly, I took a 2 by four and took a pocket knife and made a bat out of it. Then, I took a round rock and then wrapped it up with all kinds of string and stuff and I made a baseball and then wrapped it all up with bicycle tape, and you don’t know what it felt like to hit that kind of a ball with that kind of a bat – it was really rough on the hands. But, we had nothing else in those days.” His Pacific Coast League hitting streak: “In Portland,... (more)

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