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Oh Bartender

By randomjo, published on Nov 30, 2010

Oh Mr. Oh-so-bad for meI sip this tasty drink you made for meoh so effortlessly I slip into a tipsy state; my vision blurred by the liquid encouragement coarsing through my veins.

I'll take the reins & drive myself crazywith the would I, should I and maybes.

Oh baby shake me like that drink you just made me; perhaps I'll just shake it and make you take me to places I dare not think of...

I think I'll just take another drink of this sweet libation, I feel thisvibration is far too much for me to ignore. That's another point for you but who's keepingscore in this game... (more)

Tags: love, games, drinking, bartender, bars, lust, flirting, restraint

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