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Afterthoughts from my vacation in Florida

By Scorpion Sting, published on Apr 4, 2013 catch up to bring it all current again. Working at the club is a bit different, I wasn't ready to get back into all the drama just yet. Ten days away was nice but another week would have made it better. Its not just all the dramatics, its also the time I put in every night. We did hire new bartenders a while back, three, and they are all trained for the most part now so they don't need much babysitting any longer. I talked with my boss and told her that I don't want to work the weekends anymore and I only want to work 6-10 during the week. She kinda gave me a grin and a nod. Why?... (more)

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Bar Time Fun

By gt281, published on May 31, 2012

You know it’s amazing what happens in a darkened bar.

I was at my favorite sorrows drowning pool just the other day, yes it was a Tuesday. Double shot Tuesday as a matter of fact, I’d only been there about three hours, I know that because I still had some cigarettes left and the barkeep had only refilled my stale popcorn bowl five times. The barkeep, I’ll just call him Joe, after all I don’t want to get sued or anything, kept on renewing my subscription to Bacardi and coke when my glass was empty, so by this time I was feeling mellow and totally relaxed. I didn’t know many of the ‘guests’... (more)

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Burnt Out Ends - Unhappy Hour

By Jack Bates, published on Jul 5, 2011

The bar was an old speakeasy from the 1920’s. Entrance through a bookcase in an affluent Pac Heights home, built on bedrock, the house sat a top a natural cave that the 1920,s owners had worked, but left visible and a bit raw. The room was illuminiated by gas lamps shrouded in red velvet tasseled hoods, tinting the smoke filled air crimson, and completing the pleasure den feel. A perfect place for an angel to get lost in her thoughts.Thoughts and experiences tied together by a menagerie of threads to create a tapestry of seemingly pure chaos that only she and God could find a pattern in.... (more)

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Barbie Says

By john robertson, published on Nov 10, 2010

I accidentally stumbled upon this place around midnight after getting lost in Emeryville. (Don't ask. Just use your imagination.) Like a lighthouse in an ocean of asphalt and big box stores, Can't Fail Cafe beckoned me to the light of beer, barbecue and deep fried goodness. I flipped a "U-ie" and tried to find parking: none! The place was packed. I could tell this was gonna be special. I walked in and got my name on the wait list. I instantly noticed the wall of Barbies displayed in all of their crassness. Scarey Barbies, funny Barbies, sexy Barbies, trashy... (more)

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