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DUI Along with Your Friends

By Justin Brown, published on Jul 17, 2014

...another way home, and that their buddy isn't in a situation where they could safely run an automobile.

But to intervene may also be a difficult question. Once they've had too much everyone reacts, and that you don't wish to wind up offending someone. However, you've got to baltimore dui attorney accomplish anything to prevent a possible crash. Here are suggestions and some ideas for ways to get these secrets from your friend.

1. Create a joke about this and laugh. Keep it light, but obtain the recommendations.

2. Avoid a conflict. That you don't wish to... (more)

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Things to consider while hiring a DUI Lawyer

By Justin Brown, published on Jul 16, 2014 a good lawyer in your locality that can help you out by representing your case in the court. The lawyer you are going to choose must have his office in your locality so that he will be able to be at your assistance in a short period of time. For example if you are a resident of Baltimore then you should go in for hiring a DUI lawyer would be a good choice for you.

Other factors that should be kept in mind while hiring a lawyer in this regard should be:

Past record

While hiring a lawyer you should make sure that he should have specialization in... (more)

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Our Discriminatory Bail System

By Justin Brown, published on Dec 17, 2013 exorbitantly high interest rate. Oftentimes, judges and commissioners, when setting bails, err on the side of caution -- that is, if in doubt, they set a very high bail.

The results of this system can be devastating for families and defendants who cannot afford the bail. In Baltimore City, in particular, a defendant could have to wait an extremely long time to get his day in court. This might mean that, if he cannot get out on bail, he may have to wait upwards of a year -- sometimes even longer -- to go to trial and show he is innocent. (Unfortunately "speedy trial"... (more)

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Harsh Federal Sentencing Tactics: Nothing New

By Justin Brown, published on Dec 16, 2013

A recent report by Human Rights Watch underscores an obvious fact of federal drug prosecutions: the Government uses the threat of sentencing enhancements to all but force criminal defendants to plead guilty. As a result, 97 percent of federal drug cases result in guilty pleas.

By statute, criminal defendants receive extreme mandatory enhancements in some drug cases if they already have drug convictions. At certain drug quantities, a person with two prior drug convictions can receive a life sentence for a routine offense – if he has the nerve to exercise his constitutional... (more)

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US 'Almost Blew Up Atomic Bomb Over Itself'

By Shaun Gibson, published on Sep 21, 2013


Millions in Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York were at risk

The US Air Force almost detonated a huge atomic bomb over North Carolina in 1961, a newly declassified document has revealed.

Two hydrogen bombs were accidentally dropped over the city of Goldsboro just two days after President John F Kennedy's inauguration, when the B-52 plane carrying them broke up in mid-air.

And a report obtained by investigative journalist Eric Schlosser under freedom of information laws showed one of the devices began... (more)

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A Memorable Memorial Day

By JJFCPA, published on Jun 6, 2010

...and I were contemplating a get away from our town, a suburb of bustling Washington, D.C. Our thoughts were to the usual places like Ocean City, the Blue Ridge Mountains or Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay. While all of them had an appeal, the place that we landed on was our city to the north, Baltimore. What a splendid choice.

I booked a Marriott for one night that was close to Baltimore’s famous Inner Harbor. In the morning, on a sunny and cool temp day we jumped into the car and drove the 40 miles to the hotel. The trip took about 45 minutes as traffic was light on interstate 95. ... (more)

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