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Connecting With Our Baby’s Souls

By melanie jean juneau, published on Mar 22, 2014

Although I am a mother of nine and a grandmother to four and soon to be five grandchildren my encounters with these new grandbabies continues to startle me.

My daughter-in-law was bouncing baby “Daniel” who was fussy and uncomfortable with the typical two-month old digestive problems. He was glassy-eyed and in pain, half crying, half complaining about life as he was held with his back leaning against his mum. I bent down and called out to him “Daniel”. Immediately he snapped to attention and looked me right in the eye with an uncanny intelligence, a piercing look that gave me a jolt... (more)

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Why social activities are important for kids?

By dollieandme, published on Feb 13, 2014

Why social activities are important for kids to improve self-expression

When a child’s social, behavioral and emotional health is positive, she is always able to express herself creatively. Parents, teachers and other adults in a child’s life play a vital role when it comes to helping kids cope with their feelings and this can be done by channeling kids’ self-expression into avenues that are healthy and positive. There are many forms of self-expression including dance, art and creative playing.

Apart from encouraging kids to express themselves freely on the home front, they also... (more)


Bonding Before Birth

By melanie jean juneau, published on Oct 8, 2013

...stomach and then spoke aloud to his unborn child, welcoming her into their family. He told unborn Eva that both of her parents loved her already and that they would protect her and supply all her needs, physically, emotionally and spiritually. He concentrated on pouring love into his unborn baby’s spirit. As David loved his baby by talking and placing his hand on Erica’s right side, unborn Eva kicked and pushed on that side of the womb! When David placed his hand on the other side of Erica’s stomach and repeated the ‘prayers’, their unborn daughter placed a few good kicks on... (more)

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Is a Mother's Life Her Own?

By melanie jean juneau, published on May 1, 2013

A child’s whole world revolves around his mother for at least 3 years. In fact infants have no sense of an identity separate from their mother till after the “terrible two” are over. The bonding between mother and baby is incredible; a baby's cry is specifically designed to upset and jump-start Mum into rushing to her infant. The milk let down reflex is even triggered by a cry which is embarrassing if we dawdle.

This is not social conditioning; new mothers are startled to discover the joy, strong bonds and fierce protective instincts that spring into action the moment they hold their... (more)

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An Important Way to Save Your Baby's Life

By Coach Phatty, published on Apr 3, 2013

...fully clothed. They also learn to stay afloat for quite some time!

Our children are precious and every one of us wants the best for them. Prepare now, plan for the future and the safety of your loved ones.

Lastly, I would like to point out, that I am in NO WAY associated with this program but I AM someone who really hopes and prays that you will take my message to heart. This is something that kids NEED to be taught. Train a baby how to float and you will raise their chance of survival if they fall into water.



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They are People

By melanie jean juneau, published on Feb 12, 2013

They are all people:in uteronewborninfantbabytoddler

PeopleAlbeit little peopleStill they are people

With Dignity

Not an it

Not simply an appendix to

mother's bodyNot owned by the motherNot reflections of mum's ego

Not characters

to fulfil unfulfilled dreamsand ambitions.





definite personalities and characters

Look back once they have grownand discover the seeds of the man within the toddler

a mystery and a delightto discover each individual personalityencouragewatchas... (more)

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The Penny Boys

By melanie jean juneau, published on Nov 11, 2012

...laying on his back in this crib, while two-year old Ruth sat at the other end, playing with a few pennies in a tiny change purse. I was washing the bedroom floor when suddenly Joseph started coughing and then screamed as loudly as he could. I dropped the mop and ran over to scoop up a frantic baby.

"What happened?", I asked Mara.

She kept repeating, over and over,

" Penny down thwoat, penny down thwoat."

"There is a penny down his throat?", I questioned.

Ruth nodded but by this time Joseph had stopped crying.

I peered at the three pennies in her... (more)

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India clinches 'Seven Billion' Population Mark

By M H Ahssan, published on Oct 31, 2011

World population is to hit seven billion any moment, says the UN. The prospect of a crowded planet putting further pressure on the earth’s thinly stretched resources raises a question. Should we celebrate or fret about the seven billion mark? According to the UN Population Fund, let’s do a bit of both. Population increase brings with it environment, livelihood and life quality concerns, and their attendant policy challenges. On the positive side, people in many parts of the globe are living longer, healthier lives. Average life expectancy has increased from about 48 years to about 68. Couples... (more)

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Have You Ever Heard Of HELLP Syndrome?

By Miranda, published on Oct 26, 2011

... very few of you know my daughter Marissa was a preemie. She was born at 28 weeks gestation weighing in at a mere 2 pounds 5 ounces and 15 inches long. Our story and experience is a pretty intense story. I would love to share the story with you. I was eighteen when I found out I was expecting a baby. The Dr. said I was due the end of September. I was pretty nervous but I knew it would all work out.

When I was about 6 months pregnant I started feeling miserable. When I went to my OB appointments I would tell her my aches and pains. I was having severe backaches and mind splitting... (more)

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Not a Dog But a True Rescuer

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on Mar 8, 2011

...But this dog’s story seems to convey some meanings to Africans who never value domestic animals except in case they can be sold to get money or slaughtered for their skin, meat and bones.

This Kenyan dog was searching for food for her new born puppies when he discovered a hidden human baby in the forest. This baby girl was two weeks old but abandoned to the forest’s sake. It has been proved than the majority of babies who are born and abandoned are girls. So, the dog discovered the baby girl in a forest south of the capital Nairobi. This caring dog then took the infant in her... (more)

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