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Barns, Barstools, Tattoos and Harleys

By Randy Mitchell, published on Nov 2, 2013

... they know.” Much truth to this, no? After all, many writers have places and people they draw inspiration from.

Personally, I’ve learned to write about cities lived and visited, occupations worked in, and people who’ve made lasting impressions on me, for good or bad. For various authors, their lives are colorful enough to fill thousands of pages. For others, seeking out new ideas and visions to accompany the ones they already have is the needed answer.

My newest work-in-progress takes place in a small town outside of Dallas; and as it just happens, one where some of ... (more)

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The Anthology Editor - a rising player

By Shane Joseph, published on May 1, 2013

...a stable of writers who may go on to produce stand-alone work in future – catching them young, so to speak. The anthology’s niche theme also allows for the book to be finely targeted to interested audiences, and competition from bigger houses rarely comes into play. Also, if many of the authors in the collection are first-timers, they are likely to buy dozens of personal copies to sell or gift to their families and friends and “build their platform.”

This makes the editor of such an anthology a new power player in the publishing chain. Given the many authors who are... (more)

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Show, Don't Tell

By Randy Mitchell, published on Mar 11, 2013 wasn’t easy. That it was going to require plenty of patience on my part for the reader to actually see and imagine what I did while writing the story.

The books we all buy, read, and love weren’t created by just one person, they rarely ever are. Rather, most are produced by both, authors and their editors. It’s always a collaborative effort, hopefully drawing out the best from more than one creative mind.

Much has been written about the Author/Editor relationship. I’ve read that many can be temperamental, combative, argumentative, and confrontational. After all,... (more)

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When Dreams Come True

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jan 30, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of attending a book signing, here in Dallas, for one of the best-known authors of our time, Nicholas Sparks.

One of the reasons I traveled to see him was because I wanted to be in the presence of a true success story; someone who’s worked hard, developed his craft into literary artistry, and has gained international acclaim due to the marketability of his work. Mr. Sparks is a self-made man, and someone who those of us in the writing field continually strive to become. He’s an author who never gave up when he first started writing, despite some setbacks and... (more)

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Book Publishing Report: Interview with J.B. Miller

By boomergirl, published on Jan 2, 2013

...and why you went with them?

My Publisher is new to the business. TMG Books in San Francisco. I am happy to start out with a Publisher as opposed to self-publishing, yet I will be doing a lot of the legwork until they become more established. I hope I become one of their most successful authors!

Were they your original choice?

I met them through an editor and am grateful for their consideration. It just felt right so I went with them.

Did you go through an agent?


What are the perks of going with a traditional publisher?

Book tours,... (more)

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There will be no professional writers in future

By Shane Joseph, published on Aug 10, 2012 our ink and hope that it goes away.

The article went on to throw out some scary phrases—feudal economics of the 21st century (with Amazon and Huffington playing landlord to us poor hacks who are being relegated to serfs), 10 cents per 1000 reader clicks, and more than one million authors on Amazon’s online Kindle store— bringing us back to that scary headline: There will be no more professional writers….Let’s go on the assumption that literature will still exist in our future, however retrograde that future becomes. That said, just like with any green-field business... (more)

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Introducing the Dracula Hearts Series by A.J. Gallant

By Wrp68, published on Apr 6, 2012

...most powerful wizard's in existence, but her lack of experience may just be the death of her.

The battle rages to an exciting conclusion.

Author A.J. Gallant

The writing spark was first initiated by reading the works of Harlan Ellison. A. J. Gallant is now inspired by such authors as Steven King, J. K. Rowling, Dean Koontz and many others. He's the writer of more than a dozen screenplays.

The author resides in New Brunswick and is at work on a new Dracula series, with magic, romance, and the battle to save humanity. The first of the vampire trilogy Dracula:... (more)

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Trying to balance the year that was

By Shane Joseph, published on Dec 22, 2011

... provide for a better standard of living. Citizen journalism came of age when the quality of articles continued to improve, diversify and outpace content from traditional channels (my journalist friends will disagree with me here) and social media actually led to the fall of corrupt governments. Authors reclaimed ground by embracing direct publishing models and sticking it to gatekeepers. And our troops came home for Christmas after removing themselves from that absurd theatre war in Afghanistan. Small credits to balance this ledger from its sharp tilt towards the right.

Merry... (more)

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Author interview: Rick Bylina

By Donna Brown, published on Dec 13, 2011

Today I'm interviewing Rick Bylina, author of One Promise Too Many (A Detective Stark Mystery).

About Rick

"Rick Bylina lives with his wife, Carrie, and their 19-year-old cockatiel, Sydney, near Apex, North Carolina. Ongoing corporate downsizing convinced him to tap into his passion. He scribbled down any crazy idea that crossed his mind. After gaining discipline, he wrote his debut mystery novel, "One Promise Too Many", the first in a series featuring Detective Roger Stark. Writing happens spontaneously between housework, gardening, cooking, fishing, and wrestling alligators."

... (more)

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Changing Publishing Models

By Shane Joseph, published on Nov 1, 2011

...hold SP aloft for awhile, but shrinking government support for the arts makes that lifeline no better than hanging onto a deflating life vest in a giant flood.

On the reverse side, I see another SP gaining traction: Self Publishing is getting its second wind. Yes, savvy self-published authors are now having their work vetted and edited, and even designing fancy covers for their work; they have come a long way from the early days when self-publishing was slammed by adherents to the traditional model for the movement’s obvious lack of “quality.” Self-published authors are... (more)

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