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The Visa Hustle

By V, published on Feb 28, 2007

... the newly brokered deal, they specify that you must go back to your country of origin not Canada. Now you’ve got a $550 credit to go to Toronto via Minnesota, anytime you like within the next twelve months but that cannot be deducted from the $1,500 you now have to spend to go back to Australia. And maybe, when you get to the U.S. embassy in Australia, you might get that asshole public servant who had a tremendous fight with his Australian wife that morning and hates all Australians and thus, you find a man that has vengefully sought out the one loop hole to deny you entry back into ... (more)

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Volver or My Super Ex-Girlfriend?

By V, published on Jan 14, 2007

... too cool for school (in my own head). I thought myself of superior taste and intellect to the mere rednecks around me (as I perceived it in my fourteen year old estimation). I was sent from an international school in Papua New Guinea, to a Catholic girls’ school in the city of Brisbane, Australia; Brisbane is to Sydney like Mississippi is to New York state. I refused to watch whatever movies were playing at the local multiplex cinemas, preferring to order the trickier-to-get art house, independent, documentary and foreign films. I did not watch most things American, certainly... (more)

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letter to the editor; Re: AUSTRALIAN MEAT PIE Vs HOT DOG

By Steven Lane, published on Jan 12, 2007

...And my past issues shall only be used as cage lining for my illiterate cockatoo, "Barney". If you continue to litter my drive-way with your shameless tabloid, I will contact the authorities. Why?, you ask. Let me tell you why! Your willy, nilly decision to print the blasphemous article, "An Australian Day Showdown: Meat Pie Vs Hot Dog", by V. showed a complete lack of respect for the American Hot Dog eating public. To allow a comparison between America's beloved and honored "Red Hot" and some sort of pie crust stuffed with "mystery meat" and gravy was irresponsible and unconscionable. A... (more)

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An Australia Day Showdown: Meat Pie Vs Hot Dog

By V, published on Jan 11, 2007

Australia day, celebrated on January 26th is fast approaching and all around Los Angeles, ‘G’day L.A.’ events are in motion. Australia Day commemorates the landing of the First Fleet in Sydney Cove in 1788 and is our official, national day - despite continuing to be shrouded with controversy. L.A. hosts ‘Australia Week’ from the 11th to the 20th of January, in the lead up to the big day. It showcases all things Australian from food, wine, film, arts, lifestyle, trade and investment to indigenous culture and tourism. Events are scattered across the city (and country), with Bristol Farms... (more)

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He's going the Distance: An Interview with Harry Perry

By V, published on Jan 9, 2007

It was sometime in 1996 and I was having coffee back home in Australia, with a friend who had just returned from a trip to Los Angeles. As we flipped through what would now almost be considered retro her photo album, I came across a shot of a tall, striking-looking man dressed in a white robe, wearing a white turban, broad smile and an electric guitar. "Who's that?:, I inquired. "Oh, this famous, street performer guy on the Venice Beach boardwalk," she said. For years afterward, I would come across photos of him in the photo albums of friends as far away as London, Tokyo, Stockholm and Paris,... (more)

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By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Dec 28, 2006

...year rolled around, and we finally threw up our hands and gave in. Sometimes, apparently, even fashion goes for comfort. And it’s becoming apparent to style mavens such as myself that UGG was not about to kick up its heels. So I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised when UGG Australia auctioned off hot-pink and Swarovski crystallized boots at this year’s UGG Australia’s Art and Sole charitable foundation. The boots were hand-painted by celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Cindy Crawford, or Kelly Ripa, and turned back a hefty profit for charity, topping at... (more)

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Cokelore Claims Santa

By V, published on Dec 20, 2006

...folklore, acquired a fancy, new costume in the U.S.A., and spent time on developing his character and finding his ‘motivation,’ before bursting finally onto the world stage. ‘Father Christmas' is the name given to the gift-giving figure of Christmas in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, other Commonwealth countries and many other countries - translated into local variations (‘le Père Noël’ in France and ‘Papa Noël’ in Brazil for instance). The traditional Father Christmas was not at all associated with children or the ... (more)

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God Gave Rock n Roll to Him

By V, published on Dec 19, 2006

It's 10:30 pm at the Hotel Cafe, tucked away down a back alley off Cahuenga in Hollywood. A back door opposite a concrete car park is being manned by an uncharacteristically approachable looking doorman. Inside, critically acclaimed, independent, Australian Singer/ Songwriter, Matt Ellis and his band are about to step on stage. It's such a dark, sexy, atmospheric room this one (the only thing thankfully missing is a smoke haze). The deep, wood-paneled walls arranged in that tasteful, art-deco fashion, floorboards underfoot and cast-iron, Moroccan, sculpted spheres - like jewelry hanging from the... (more)

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To Waltz Matilda: Setting the Story Straight

By V, published on Dec 14, 2006

Contrary to common, international belief and the demand of a large percentage of the Australian population, "Waltzing Matilda" is not the Australian national anthem. Australia is currently a constitutional monarchy. At a referendum on November 6th, 1999, Australians voted 55% to 45% against a proposed model to make the nation a republic. The Australian national anthem is currently "Advance Australia Fair," which replaced "God Save the Queen" in 1984. "Waltzing Matilda" is a much loved folk song, the lyrics penned in 1895 by famed Australian nationalist and poet, Banjo Patterson. "Waltzing... (more)

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The Levee Is About To Break

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 17, 2006

...It doesn’t take a degree in astrophysics (just good old-fashioned common sense, which seems to be greatly lacking in America today, right Nancy?) to see what can happen if the NASCO Corridor is constructed. NAFTA and NASCO are the beginning of the end for the United States as a sovereign nation. Perot knew of what he spoke fourteen years ago and his prophecy is coming true. If you think that what I’ve written here can’t happen in America, I hope to God you’re right because otherwise, Australia is starting to look real appealing right about now…


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