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The Perfect Person

By DKIdea, published on May 6, 2014

The perfect person. Do you think such a person really exists? I’m not talking from a religious point of view (I’m sure Jesus Christ was the first thought for many) but from the point of view that you look at someone and think…"wow, that’s perfection."

An obvious response to that question from men would probably be every time a Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition is available, or from women perhaps the People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive…but how often does that happen in everyday life with real people? How often does that reaction happen while you’re shopping, or getting gas, or out getting... (more)

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Dear Coach Scott

By Simpanique, published on Dec 30, 2011

...But I have a problem: where do I meet potential partners? Can you help?


Looking For Love

Dear LFL,

Yes, I can help! In Conscious Dating, we teach singles all about places where you can scout and screen potential partners. These places are called attraction venues. By being consciously aware of attraction venues where you can potentially meet the love of your life, you will be better prepared and able to seize the opportunities that arise. Conscious Dating identifies four levels of attraction venues:

Level One: Public places such as the ... (more)

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Opposites Attract

By Deborah Horton, published on Dec 13, 2010

I've always heard the phrase opposites attract. People seem to say it continually about relationships. I don't know how many times I heard in my younger years, you know what they say opposites attract. Maybe when you're very young and rebellion is your main goal, but in a long term stable relationship - that has never once been my experience.

When some are young they tend to gravitate to the opposite in relationships. A lot of times it is in rebellion to their adult guidance. Sometimes it is just for the shock value of it. Sometimes it is for the adrenaline rush if the person they... (more)

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