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Dodgers finish first half with a bang, 9-3

By Marquis McClure, published on Jul 9, 2007

...haven't. Mark Hendrickson pitched five strong innings and the offense gave him all the support he'd need in the first two as L.A. snagged their only win of the weekend over Florida, 9-3, on a picture-perfect Sunday afternoon at Dodger Stadium. The win, coupled with the Padres loss to the Atlanta Braves Sunday night, brings the Dodgers within a game of first place going into the All-Star break. The win also gives Big Blue a record of 49-40 which, surprisingly, is their best first half finish in recent memory. The Dodgers' anemic offense got well quick Sunday, amassing nine runs on 16 ... (more)

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Irreconcilable Differences

By Tyler Langness, published on Jun 26, 2007

...equal value in return for Kobe on the open market, because he demanded a trade and effectively compromised the organization's leveraging ability. In addition, Kobe possesses the NBA's only active no-trade clause in his contract, which means that if the Lakers try to send him to someplace like Atlanta or Memphis, they can forget it. The short list of teams Bryant is actually interested in includes Chicago, New York, and Dallas. In other words, a big city or a big contender. Yesterday, news broke that the Lakers had entered into serious negotiations with the Minnesota Timberwolves to try... (more)

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Thank Heaven for Summer Camp

By kpbell3, published on Jun 21, 2007

...increase was going to be at the daycare where my children would be spending their summer. "$250.00 a week!" I exclaimed. "Plus we have to pay each time there's a field trip!" I wondered aloud if our children were being watched by Mary Poppins herself at those prices. I know that a lot of Atlanta parents would be thrilled to pay that amount, as I'm sure a lot of childcare providers charge much more, but me? Living out in the "sticks"? Nuts. Crazy nuts. So, I picked up the phone and started calling around. Then it happened. A miracle occurred. I talked to the Parks & Rec... (more)

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Michael Buble' - Atlanta Bound

By kpbell3, published on Jun 19, 2007

...him. But, it's so terribly hard to hate someone who has so much going for him. Humor, motivation, sincerity and just plain old natural, raw talent. Well, that and actress Emily Blunt, to boot. A velvety-smooth voice is his name and jazz standards is his game. Buble' will be returning to Atlanta on August 13 and 14 of this year for another run at entertaining us at the Fox Theatre. But it will be much more than your average concert; Buble' followers will be out and about and they are not your typical fans. A quick visit to the forums at or will... (more)

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Moved to Atlanta, Got My Heart Blessed

By PrettySmartGA, published on Jun 19, 2007

The first thing that struck me when I passed the Mason-Dixon Line 20+ years ago (I have NO idea where it is, but you KNOW when you cross it...) was, how EVERYONE talked to me-in the gas station, stores, elevators, everywhere. Like they were expecting me, we were close friends, & going bowling or something Thursday night. Every encounter felt like the beginning of a new relationship. Coming from The North, where every contact felt like you were inconveniencing someone, interupting their valuable time by asking them to take your money for an item you would like to purchase, this was quite a shock... (more)

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2007 NBA Draft: Lottery Logistics

By Theblueswink, published on Jun 1, 2007

...and Kevin Durant. As luck would have it, the Portland Trailblazers won the right to select first despite having only the fifth best chance for this lottery result, and the Seattle Supersonics won the rights to the second pick despite having only the fourth best chance to receive this pick. The Atlanta Hawks won the rights to the third pick and the rest of the picks were determined by the inverse order of their 2006-2007 regular season records. The three teams with the worst records and the best lottery chances, Memphis, Boston, and Milwaukee, will select fourth, fifth, and sixth,... (more)

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Alas, poor Clevis, I knew him well....

By GreatMinds, published on May 31, 2007

...his mistake "stupid" and admitted that the correct spelling was, indeed, his first impression, but that he outsmarted himself. The young man will probably never have to personally employ a clevis. Then, it occurred to me that the South is covered in proper Clevises. Clevis Jones is an Atlanta astronomy photographer. Clevis Parker is a doctor in Louisiana. Clevis Don Carter is a graduate of Union College in Union, Kentucky, and a member of its alumni hall of fame. Another Kentuckian, Clevis Swift, was a Tennessee resident farmer in the mid-1800's. We Southerners have a long... (more)

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Paul Thorn Band: Rock and Soul Still Live

By GreatMinds, published on May 29, 2007

...that his large drums look like a child's toy in front of him --- and he plays them well with such ease that one gets the impression that Perkins began playing them by the time he learned to walk. Perkins' drums are complemented perfectly by bassist Doug Kahan; together, there are moments of Atlanta Rhythm Section style perfection in their music. Keyboardist and fellow Tupelo native Michael Graham looks like an engineer for Microsoft and plays the instrument better than Mickey Gilley; anyone who has ever heard the expression "he plays between the keys" has an idea of just how talented... (more)

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Georgia Dome To Host 'Bama v. Duke in 2010?

By GreatMinds, published on May 22, 2007

...marks for spring intrasquad scrimmages at Alabama's "A-Day" game. Coach Saban knows expectations are high, and evidently other schools expect him meet those expectations. The jury is still out on whether Saban will succeed as hoped in Tuscaloosa. For now, he is hailed as a savior in at least half of the state of Alabama. He will have to actually coach and win real football games at some point, though. Whether he will have the program near the levels to which he took the LSU Bengal-Tigers in 2003 by the time the Tide travels to Atlanta (presumptively) in 2010 remains to be seen. (more)

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United we stand, divided we build

By spook, published on May 16, 2007

Dekalb county, like most of the other metro Atlanta counties these days, is wresting with infill issues. Countless ranch houses are torn down in leafy, tree-filled subdivisions each month, lots scraped bare of all vegetation, and replaced by homes two, three, even four times the size of the original buildings. Dump trucks filled with dirt often line up, waiting a turn to empty reddish dirt onto the bare ground in order to build lots higher. Higher means lots once covered with modest homes over crawl spaces are now capable of providing full finished basements for MacMansions. Many homeowners... (more)

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