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Have you ever been a bad bad mummy?

By JennyT, published on Aug 27, 2013

...they couldn't have Maccas two days in a row (I definitely have told them this).

I mean those little moments when you did something that caused them physical harm and yes could have led to a Hospital visit.

I shall explain... When my youngest was about 5 she suffered a little with Asthma (you don't need me to do a link) as you all know what that is.

She suffered from coughing more so than the 'wheezing' type (thankfully).

One night in mid winter I had put a vaporiser in her room (do I need a link? - no I shall explain) It's a plastic box that you fill with water... (more)

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Asthma Attack

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 9, 2010

A darkening fogClouds my reasonBlurring my visionImpairs my willHalting my movementKnocks my kneesKnowing my lossI fallChest on fireFeeling the world's Full weight onChest on firePanic sets inAir, need airNo way inNo way outFading to blackHelp!, I shoutSilent call unheardPain becomes distantUnfelt feeling thereNot here whereI pass out


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