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What makes an artist?

By XanthusKidd, published on Feb 3, 2013

It's time to get philosophical.You know, all thoughtful and stuff.I've been wondering, am I an artist? Is art something one can express without an innate desire to call it art? I really have very little interest in conventional art. I find some paintings interesting, and I enjoy beauty in any form, but I have never appreciated any piece merely because it is art, or have I?

I immensely enjoy photography. I have since I was quite young. My dad taught me how to use film SLR systems sometime around the age of 10, maybe younger; I don't recall precisely. Since then, I have been obsessed with... (more)

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An Aimless Obsession

By XanthusKidd, published on Aug 21, 2011

There once was a sculptor who loved to create beautiful images. He studied all sorts of subjects, ideas, and wonderful theories. He loved sport and lived for the game. His game, however, was played with people. He poked their minds to examine the results. He prodded their emotions with verbal sticks and noted the reactions. He did not allow for personal attractions or petty feelings. He concentrated on his work and did little else. His grandest accomplishments were but experiments to him once they were finished. In his mind, he never failed or made a mistake; if there was an error, he would... (more)

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The Mask of a Clown

By baynurse, published on Mar 20, 2011

The Clown’s Mask

Dear little clown, you bring such joy

A smile for some and others you annoy

Dear clown, you are so funny,

You make cloudy days seem sunny

Such finesse with your craft,

Tell me, who makes you laugh

Is there endless joy in your life?

Have you met any strife?

A constant smile on your face

You seem to fit in every place

Always up and ready to give

In constant mirth, you must live

But wait, little clown, I see something new

It isn’t obvious to all, but perhaps to a few

That your... (more)

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Featured Broowaha Author -february '09

By Digidave, published on Feb 24, 2009

How does where you live influence who/what you write about and how you go about doing it? New York City, for a writer or anyone who loves the arts is a fantastic place to live and work There are few cities in the world (I would imagine), that can claim to have more writers, artists and performers on this little 23-mile stretch of real estate, then there are in most countries. Manhattan Island is truly a Mecca for creative talent. Walk down any side street on a Saturday afternoon, on Broadway and your more then likely to run into a brand name performer strolling down the street. For me as a... (more)

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