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Celebrated Statue of Theodore Roosevelt

By Credo, published on Sep 20, 2013

...west. The first thing you see upon entering the steps of the museum, is this bronze equestrian statue. Is it [the Theodore Roosevelt statue is the beginning of the museum's presentation] the beginnings of the American story, as it is the entrance to the edifice of our history? Clearly the artistic sculpture of President Theodore Roosevelt that is situated in front of the museum of Natural History uncovers the possibility that its in-depth meaning has some formidable significance to American history, otherwise it would not be the primary artistic muse of consideration before entering... (more)

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The Art of Yun Yi Illustrating Chinese Poetry

By melanie jean juneau, published on Sep 17, 2013

Mountain has its height,

water has its depth,

there is no reason to compete;

Wind has its freedom,

cloud has its tenderness,

there is no reason to imitate;

Search for whatever you think is joyful;

dwell on whatever you think is worth;

appreciate whatever you think is happy.

There is nothing would not be judged,

there is nothing would not be envied;

Be truthful to yourself, follow your heart, there will be no regret;

There is only one path in life: your own path;

There... (more)

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Stunning Pastels by Javad Soleimanpour

By melanie jean juneau, published on Jul 28, 2013

This artist's talent has captured not only his subject's form and beauty but also their essence on canvas by embedding emotions into the canvas.

Javad Soleimanpour is relatively new on the art scene. It was not until April of 2009, after he won first place in an Iranian art competition in the Landscape and Interior Category, that critics, galleries and buyers started to take notice. Ironically, Javad had no idea that one of his students had entered his work for the competition.

Javad Soleimanpour, Iran

Soleimanpour is self-taught, painting since the age of 12 and... (more)

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Art Felt Beyond The Eyes Of The Creator

By Scorpion Sting, published on Apr 2, 2013 brain has become lazy and doesn't actually know what it is feeling. Makes sense in many ways. The club is so damn loud that I wear hearing protection to drown out the "noise", yet I still hear everything clearly, just at a much lower volume.

She is also a proclaimed self-taught artist. She is very interesting to listen to when she explains her art to me as she sees it. She considers her art to fall into the category of abstract because she interprets what she is feeling as well as seeing. As discussed, feeling the impact of something for her is much different than it is for... (more)

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Celebrating Individuality Not Conformity

By melanie jean juneau, published on Oct 6, 2012

Our daughter, Grace became the philosopher/ artist she is today partly because I didn't have time to try to normalize her or the money to put her in a constant cycle of sports or other after school activities.

Grace was a unique child with amazing concentration. While four-year old little boys were struggling to print or draw, my second youngest daughter would cover sheets of paper with tiny intricate drawings at 18 months old. Once she drew at least fifty tiny "eyes" while she stood on a chair and leaned over a piece of paper, for half an hour. We bought her a chalkboard for Christmas,... (more)

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Commercialization and the music industry.

By Lartinos, published on Sep 28, 2012

...ideas or products that are in the best interest of the company or political group.

Much of the culture we know of is commercial culture without even knowing it. The music that most people listen to was sold to them in a way without them ever realizing it. Because the media decides which artists you have the most access to they are in many ways creating your cultural values. You only know what you know, therefore everyone with a television knows who Justin Bieber and similar "stars" are. Justin Bieber is a kid with obvious talent, but his success is from more than just talent alone.... (more)

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White Page, I think I love you

By Felicia Stevenson, published on Oct 17, 2011

Ode to the White Page

Ever since I met you, I haven't been the sameAnd every time I look at you,I feel compelled to touch youIt's as if you beckon me and call my name

A powerful attraction that is felt but can't be seen And as far as I remember, that's the way it's always beenI see a world of possibilities of what you could become A vision not all have but that is shared by some

You could be a beautiful drawing Or my most amazing writing You could become a painting Or whatever I could be fancying

With you my only limitation is the stretch of my imagination There's... (more)

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