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By randomjo, published on May 17, 2011


Arid & DustyThis city is musty, laden with thick smogCement & low-rent, a mix I lamentI cannot see myself exist here

No where to go, yet everything to buythis consumerism makes me sick.

Some of the worst of the Westabhorrently dressed--does no one here realize tatoos last forever?The hottest of hot an the coldest of cold amounts to the absolute worst weather.

I'm just passing through, but I know it's the truth-if I had to stay here it would be my end, unhappily ever after.


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The Arizona Debacle

By Amo, published on May 9, 2010

...who folow my writings, an article I wrote about a year ago entitled “The demise of the “American Dream”.

In it, I briefly outlined the financial crises that we’re currently in and the policies enacted by both parties, that will eventually drive this nation into financial ruin. Arizona is simply an extension of a government that can no longer govern, or enforce its own laws. The financial crises in part began years ago with the deregulation of the banking industry, followed by years of reckless borrowing and risky speculation and a systemic lack of political will by both... (more)

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Hooray for Arizona!

By D. E. Carson, published on May 3, 2010

Arizona is now the safest state in the lower 48 United States of America. State law now authorizes law enforcement officials to actively inquire as to a person’s legal status within the United States.

Thank God SOMEBODY had the guts to stand up for the rights of the citizens of the United States and quit pandering to the whiny, thumb-sucking illegal aliens who think that they are entitled to the same rights as actual citizens. Of course those same whiny, crybaby, thumb-sucking illegal aliens are the ones who are screaming the loudest that they’re going to be profiled and sent back... (more)

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