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Which 2013 Tablet Is The Best For Gaming?

By djbkk, published on Nov 27, 2013

If you keep up to date with the technical press you might have come across the latest news that Apple has been testing a brand new iPhone display with a screen size of six inches. In fact this rumour has even appeared in the tabloid press, though how credible it might be is yet to be seen. Although Apple is a highly innovative company, given that its current iPad and iPad mini tablets are outselling all other tablets would it be wise for them to compete with themselves?

According to the Adobe 2013 mobile survey the most popular tablet for gaming is the iPad mini with the conventional... (more)

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Apple introduces iPhone 5 and new iPod

By EagleNews, published on Sep 12, 2012

Apple introduces iPhone 5 and new iPod

The all new iPhone 5 has been introduced by Apple CEO, Tim Cook earlier today. The keynote presentation started at 7.00pm, when an optimistic Tim Cook appeared on stage and hundreds of people inside the hall started cheering. "We've got some great things to show you", said Cook. He then introduced Apple marketing guru Phil Schiller for the actual introduction of the "most beautiful device we've ever made", said Schiller. The new iPhone has a 4 inch retina screen and is 18% lighter than the iPhone 4s. It's not an all glass case, but an all metal... (more)

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Apple says "goodbye" to prominent eco-friendly standard."

By TonyBerkman, published on Jul 10, 2012

Apple surprised environmental groups and consumers with a sudden withdrawal from a well established and "prominent" green products registry, says the San Jose Mercury News.

Apple will no longer be conforming to the standards set by EPEAT, the eco-friendly certifier backed by the EPA. "Apple has said that their design direction is not compatible with EPEAT standards," says EPEAT boss Robert Frisbee. "It's kind of odd since they've helped design" the standards.

EPEAT stands for the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool and is the method for consumers to assess the... (more)

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The Wonders of the Automat

By Patricia Adams, published on Mar 15, 2012

...State Building, Jones Beach, the Brooklyn Bridge, the United Nations Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Staten Island Ferry, and Coney Island.

The discovery of the wonders of the Automat adds it to the top of the list. The children begin saving their nickels in a tin can labeled “Apple Pie at the Automat.”

In early spring, when the freezing cold of winter begins to thaw, we hear a loud thump from my dad's room. We rush upstairs and find him lying on the floor.

He has suffered a stroke.

In the following months, as summer approaches, any mention of New... (more)

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Apple is definitely building a TV Set and more...

By TonyBerkman, published on Oct 27, 2011

Apple has had plans to redesign the television since 2007 and more than likely has set its sight' on taking-over as many appliances in your home, as possible. The new Apple Television Set is designed to replace the antiquated remote control with Siri voice commands, reported the New York Times on Thursday.

A quote from Jobs’s biography that “I finally cracked it” has begun to travel the web and be discussed in tech-circles, since the book's release. It appears to confirm the rumors that Apple has plans to enter the TV market. The rumors that started earlier this summer were... (more)

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Eva and her spoiled Apple

By Eva Apple, published on Oct 13, 2011

...the door because I changed my mind as soon as he walked in. I can tell you about how Mr2BIG turned out to be 2BORING and how a potential Adam mentally slapped me in the face by introducing me to his friends as ‘just like my sister’. Oh well. I will not give up on finding Adam in the Big Apple and despite some juicy apples here and there, I will admit to be a little lost when finding my way to paradise. I note, “to be continued” in my pink logbook and because NYC is all about being on a mission, I will now focus on finding a room to live in. You know, a room where all the... (more)

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What is Swype and Why Would Nuance Want to Buy?

By Jeffrey Powers, published on Oct 8, 2011

...FlexT9 application.

Nuance offers a host of software products to improve your online dictation services. Dragon Naturally Speaking is their flagship software - turning voice into text. They also have language dictionaries, and some translation devices.

With this technology, they can make a digital signage kiosk or internet kiosk easier to use. There is also a possibility they could offer on iPhone and iPad applications. Since Siri (Apple's digital assistant they announced on Tuesday) is using Nuance's software on the back-end, could Swype technology be coming to the iPhone?


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The Seven Deadly Sins - Sloth

By Nonchalant Gourmand, published on Sep 9, 2011

... would expect an individual to keep busy, regardless of whether the returns are fruitful or not. Keeping one self occupied is the biggest antidote to sloth and you will have nothing to lose except that feeling of inadequateness and laziness, if, it ever decides to cross your path.

Braeburn Apple

The forbidden, or should I say foreboding, fruit variety of the second kind is the Braeburn Apple. A deliciously crisp and firm apple with alternating red and orange-yellow streaks is a fantastic fruit when chilled. The crispness intensifies with the cold and you can feel the bite much... (more)

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Apple IPhone 4: Woes, Pros, & Best in Shows

By Jon Hosier, published on Aug 17, 2010

Much of the world has come to know the joys of the iPhone. This most recent model, the iPhone 4, sold over 1.7 million units.

“This is the most successful product launch in Apple’s history,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Even so, we apologize to those customers who were turned away because we did not have enough supply.”

Almost 77% of which were upgrades from the previous 3G and 3GS units. As many of you may already know, the newest model iPhone was not without glitches and problem on release day. Many complained of yellow screen tinting, others still had issues with the phone’s... (more)

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Just the Beginning (part 4)

By taking off the mask, published on Aug 3, 2010

...hiding it in a secret place, saving it up for my mom’s and my escape. As I rush down the stairs and stand in the same spot, the fat monster makes his way back up the steps, running out of breath. He goes to the kitchen grabs a beer and no one says a single word more. My mom gives me an apple from the fridge, it's red like blood and wounded so bad. I can feel the bruises. Even fruits get hurt so bad that their worth seems cheap. Who wants an apple that is so darn weak? An apple should be strong, and bold, hard to the core and beautiful for show. This apple though went through ... (more)

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