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The Anthology Editor - a rising player

By Shane Joseph, published on May 1, 2013

...limelight, as traditional magazines and publishing houses discard box loads of submissions, and as supply outstrips demand at increasingly higher rates, there is a niche player ascending like a Phoenix, one who may offer relief, especially to new writers in search of a publishing credit: the anthology editor.

Anthologies have existed for a long time but they hitherto focussed on the “best of the best” work that had already been published elsewhere. The new kind of anthology that I am referring to is made up of the work of writers who (a) do not have sufficient material for a... (more)

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Adventures of a wannabe writer

By Shane Joseph, published on Oct 3, 2012


He met several other writers in the same boat while at the many conferences that he still continued to attend in the hope of meeting the elusive agent or publisher who would glimpse the spark in him. Since no sparks ignited, he suggested to his hapless colleagues that they publish an anthology under a no-name publishing company that could be floated for just that purpose—who would know the difference? They did, and between the 25 writers in the anthology, each bought 500 copies to sell, gift or burden their friends and relatives with. The book was ranked a bestseller in... (more)

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Interview: Literarily Speaking with Motivational Author Judi Moreo

By boomergirl, published on Mar 12, 2010

...Difficult Paths is all about.

We interviewed Judi to find out more about this inspiring book and what was involved in the writing and compiling process.Thank you for this interview, Judi. So nice to see you again! I thoroughly enjoyed You are More Than Enough. Now you are back with an anthology titled Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths. Can you tell us a little more about it?Thank you, Dorothy, for the interview. Rarely do we find a book that addresses so many different challenges. These 26 extraordinary people who have written their stories reached into the depths of their... (more)

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