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BlogCatalog a place where bloggers & Readers Connect

By Angie Alaniz, published on Jun 5, 2011

The biggest question being tossed around lately at me is: Do you think that blogging will eventually die out? My answer to that is: As long as you’re staring into that beautiful screen of yours where you’re getting most of your information from, then “NO”, no way, of course not. Not only is blogging bringing in a little extra cash for some of you bloggers but also it’s become a social phenomenon. Today it’s a whole new universe, and at BlogCatalog we’re connecting not only to our readers but also to the people behind their blogs. Our own blog, on BlogCatalog, has become quite interesting... (more)

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The Musical Education of Our Very Young

By Yvonne de la Vega, published on Sep 17, 2010

Have you ever marveled at the ability of our young ones to sing along perfectly, the lyrics of a song they had no instruction or assignment to learn? It's a natural ability to memorize the words of a favorite pop song, albeit by repetition, however it is a perfect case study that when presented in the form of music, they are willing and even enthusiastic to learn by committing to memory a dialogue or word grouping written by another.

Many schools across the country have cut their budgets considerably to include subjects once viewed as necessary, such as art and music. The values in... (more)

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