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How to Save A Human Child

By Lumiere, published on Feb 22, 2014

10- Empower Bees and Butterflies: In some countries, like the UK, bumblebee species have gone extinct already. Many butterfly species are also struggling. We need our Pollinators to ensure that our Trees and Plants bare Fruit and our Flowers blossom. Support Ecological Farming and Eco Friendly Lawn Care by doing some research and making efforts to purchase plants, bulbs and seeds free of neonicotinoid and systemic insecticides because the fact is most insects are harmless. Many well-known garden pesticides contain neonicotinoids which are toxic to our environment and kill bees and butterflies.... (more)

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Amnesty Slams Vedanta Resources

By survivalint, published on Feb 12, 2010

The report by Amnesty International exposes gross human rights violations committed by the company in Orissa, India. Vedanta plans to build a bauxite mine on a mountain sacred to the Dongria Kondh tribe, and has already built a refinery at the base of the hills. Amnesty concludes that, “[I]t is clear that Vedanta Resources and its subsidiaries… have failed to respect the human rights of the people of Lanjigarh and the Niyamgiri Hills.” They add, “The proposed bauxite mine … threatens the survival of a protected Indigenous community… However, these risks have been largely ignored and consultation... (more)

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