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The Flag That Doesn’t Fly

By Coach Phatty, published on Jun 16, 2014

Between the fields where the flag is planted, there are 9+ miles of flower fields

that go all the way to the ocean. The flowers are grown by seed companies. It’s a beautiful place, close to Vandenberg AFB. Check out the dimensions of the flag

The Floral Flag is 740 feet long and 390 feet wide and maintains the proper Flag dimensions, as

described in Executive Order #10834.

This Flag is 6.65 acres and is the first Floral Flag to be planted with 5 pointed Stars, comprised of White


Each Star is 24 feet in diameter, each Stripe is 30 feet wide.

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Celebrating America's Freedom: Our Flag - Old Glory

By Coach Phatty, published on Jul 1, 2013

According to popular legend, the first American flag was made by Betsy Ross, a Philadelphia seamstress who was acquainted with George Washington, leader of the Continental Army, and other influential Philadelphians. In May 1776, so the story goes, General Washington and two representatives from the Continental Congress visited Ross at her upholstery shop and showed her a rough design of the flag. Although Washington initially favored using a star with six points, Ross advocated for a five-pointed star, which could be cut with just one quick snip of the scissors, and the gentlemen were... (more)

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