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Reno AAA: Where Our Members Don't Come First

By Marga, published on Jul 6, 2009

Recently I went to renew my 37-year membership with AAA. I had not received a renewal notice. I went to the Reno AT&T phone book but was unable to find any listing for AAA. I called the 800 number on my AAA membership card, 800-222-4357. I got a Don, not allowed to give last name or employee number. Don told me that there are two AAA locations in Reno, both in South Reno. 6795 S. Virginia and the other on Damonte Ranch Road. Both very way south. Not at all centrally located. AAA, where all members outside of South Reno don’t come at all at AAA.AAA has only one location in Sparks and that... (more)

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