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There will be no professional writers in future

By Shane Joseph, published on Aug 10, 2012

...of the last few months, reminding me that I am not the only one having these nightmares. Change is coming, no matter how much we bury our heads in our ink and hope that it goes away.

The article went on to throw out some scary phrases—feudal economics of the 21st century (with Amazon and Huffington playing landlord to us poor hacks who are being relegated to serfs), 10 cents per 1000 reader clicks, and more than one million authors on Amazon’s online Kindle store— bringing us back to that scary headline: There will be no more professional writers….Let’s go on the... (more)

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So Amazon and Kobo want to be Publishers, eh?

By Shane Joseph, published on Nov 11, 2011

... surprise. In an industry which has many handoffs in its delivery process, and many players, each player muzzles for maximum turf over time. The ones upstream (i.e. the creators) try to advance down the chain like oil companies muzzling into retail gas stations. Those at the tail, retailers like Amazon and Kobo, try to move into the middle currently occupied by publishers, and those in the middle try to go both ways like departments stores that create loyalty programs at one end and private label merchandise at the other.

Success will depend on what value is provided. In the case of ... (more)

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The real cost of the 99 cent ebook?

By Donna Brown, published on Sep 24, 2011

...really made me wonder if the true cost of 99 cent ebooks is not in the sales they – allegedly – take away from higher priced authors or the fact that they – allegedly – devalue the perception of the quality of eBooks but actually something much more insidious and sinister.

On Amazon, I posted a review of a story I had loved. The writing was excellent, the story flowed beautifully and it was wonderful to read. As far as I was concerned it was a winner. It had cost me five times less than a glossy magazine and had been a much more enjoyable and consuming read to go with a ... (more)

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10 ebook stores that aren’t Amazon!

By Donna Brown, published on Sep 23, 2011

...program that allows you to download a free book after every ten purchases.

5) Firsty Fish - although this site does list fiction books, its real strength is in its non-fiction collection.

6) Breakthrough Bookstore - okay, so this is a little bit of a cheat but if you shop with Amazon then Breakthrough Bookstore is a must visit store. The site showcases books from self-published authors and when you buy through them, you're effectively buying from Amazon but supporting self-published authors at the same time.

7) Goodreads - so, you've found that 'must read' book on... (more)

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