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Making Sense of Employment Reports

By Allan S. Glass, published on May 6, 2011

Photo: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Most astute economists and real estate professionals will point to employment figures as an indication of what direction the economy is heading. More direct to the real estate industry, jobs drive demand for real estate, both commercial and residential.

When businesses hire, more production occurs. This, in turn, drives demand for warehouses, office space, manufacturing plants, and retail locations as business expands and companies seek to accommodate their growth.

On the housing side of real estate, people follow... (more)

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The California Foreclosure Process

By Allan S. Glass, published on Apr 29, 2011

As I established in my last post “Understanding the Foreclosure Process” every state follows a different procedure and set of laws during the foreclosure process. The two primary routes are judicial and non-judicial foreclosure and which process is followed can often be determined by which “theory” of ownership has been established in the state.

California is a lien theory state that uses a trust deed and underlying promissory note to secure the loans made against real estate. Essentially the promissory note is an unsecured “promise to pay” agreement between a borrower... (more)

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