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Time Fixed By Ancient Indian Aliens - Creation to Cataclysm

By dchaitanya, published on Jun 12, 2013

Active research on Aliens comparatively is a recent phenomenon for this generation of scientists. But communications and interaction with Aliens is as old as beginning of creation for ancient Indians, but went unrecognized by the outerworld and disbelievable to modern scientists, due to its association with Hindu religion. Knowledge and secrets went unrecognized due to parochial religious acrimony for long time.

Western and American scientists still could not provide the complete knowledge to the world and, probably may not have specific perceptions on, how they are visualizing the Aliens... (more)

Tags: dooms day, ufos, ancient indian aliens, aliens research, vedic knowledge, creation to cataclysm, time fixed by ancient aliens, cosmic time, kaliyuga

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