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The Rescue Mission

By Jedo Kingsman, published on Mar 19, 2014 be exploited), at some point Lucifer became prideful and organized a failed mutiny against God (along with 1/3 of his 'hive mind angels'). Stripped of their glory they mutated, and, it is believed in esoteric circles, that these interdimensional beings became the ancient (and contemporary) aliens, 'gods' of old (small 'g'), 'paranormal phenomena', and demons. The crown of God's creation, however was mankind. Made in God's image, the first humans (Adam and Eve) were also a three part beings, consisting of a body, soul and the holy spirit that he received from God. Given fully autonomous... (more)

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Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants & Resident Aliens

By Shane Joseph, published on Dec 20, 2013

...and they outgrow things pretty quick, not just clothes – just ask Facebook. They are often seen talking to themselves in public, and if you see the little earpiece called a tooth, you know that they are not mad.

On the other side of the divide are the old people, “the resident aliens,” born and matured before the Internet. They wonder why postal rates are going up and door-to-door postal delivery is vanishing as their limbs are just starting to give way. They still like to connect with people in person at the mall or at the church, and they use the telephone a lot,... (more)

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People Need To Lighten Up

By Scorpion Sting, published on Apr 11, 2013

...made my head explode. Well, even after the sermons, I still don't see any proof that God exists, therefore, in my opinion, God ranks right up there with everything else that cannot have its existence proven to mankind. Next thing I got was questions asking me why I left out everything about Aliens since they rank pretty high on the myth and legend scale. I took a fair amount of heat from a fair amount of people about leaving them out. Well, ok, I did leave them out, and it was on purpose, because if I would have added commentary about Aliens then the post would have become grossly boring ... (more)

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