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Behind the Scenes, Living in Misawa Japan

By Scorpion Sting, published on Mar 27, 2013

My earliest traveling after joining the United States Air Force was to Misawa AB Japan. Take a moment and locate that there on the northern tip of Japan. Misawa was nicknamed "The Tip Of The Spear" for some reason, probably due to extreme northern location. My wife (now ex) and I arrived here on 24 December 1989 at 8ish in the morning after a 15 hour flight. After some very quick processing at the terminal, we grabbed our bags, a taxi, and headed to billeting (dorms the military call transient rooms). The first thing we noticed was how freaking cold it was and the second thing how deserted... (more)

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Artistic Military Man says,”Welcome to My World.

By melanie jean juneau, published on Feb 2, 2013

He is not only the artist, philosopher and writer who can write sensitive prose and fiction, he is an Air Force vet whose pictures portray a no nonsense, military man.

Melanie: I have been dying to ask you this question since I joined Blogcatalog, what does your username actually mean ?

I.M: My user name is a combination of things from many years ago. It is a universal name that I associate with all my online activity. The IYAAYAS stands for “If You Ain’t AMMO You Ain’t Shit” and the Moderator is for all the places of mine I control or moderate. On Blogcatalog people who have... (more)

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