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Autumn Days

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 8, 2014

Brisk, crisp, crackly air drying Sweet smelling moldy leaves Brilliant color swept trees Raining fall down upon us all

Cutting wind out of the Northwest Flowing through their woolen coats To chill the bones of happy children Raging against Life's oppression

Armed with fervent laughter They bombard aging time With playful smiles, warm embraces And limitless, unconditional love

Naive of worldly worries And their slow fall from graces Eventually, all brilliant leaves fall Leaving forests of colorless trees


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The Aging Male Writer and his Vanishing Audience

By Shane Joseph, published on May 26, 2013

...that the majority of readers today are women. To the neutral observer and book lover, this is welcome relief because as male readers diminish, or get taken hostage by the Twitterverse or take up golf, the emergence of the new majority assures us of a continuing book reading public. As another aging male writer, Ian McEwan, wrote in The Guardian newspaper: "When women stop reading, the novel will be dead."

The encroachment on the old boy's writing club continues with pressure from readers and interest groups to publish more female authors and to include more female writers’ work... (more)

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Kirby Your Enthusiasm

By Annie44, published on Apr 13, 2013

... stove. In a moment of brilliance he positioned the hose, and was instantly able to Mach 4 transport that reptile into a soft Oklahoma dust bowl bag.

Now all this would be amusing if my folks were a couple of kids on “Jackass” experimenting with daredevil death wishes, but these are my aging parents. The same people who raised and kept me from harms way and are now in their 80’s. So the declaration of that metal monster lasting a lifetime is superfluous. What’s worse, they charged them list price. They prey on older people who have trouble accessing the internet to find out... (more)

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Beating Old Age: How to Look Younger

By Ely North, published on Jan 2, 2013

...ruled by this law of nature, and all must undergo the entire process to complete the cycle of life.

But not you! You’re different. You are a creature set apart from the rabble, superior to all other forms of life in this world. You should not be subjected to the same heart-breaking aging process that ravages the bodies of everyone else. So you are totally reasonable and justified in your desire to defy the laws of nature.

The good news is that there are plenty of people out there who would be happy to help you do so, for a considerable fee. Voluntary mutilation is... (more)

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Our First Fifty Years

By Randy Mitchell, published on Aug 2, 2012

I’m turning the big 50 this week, a milestone in a person’s existence, and more than likely the halfway point in a human beings life. Surprisingly to me, it seems pretty pleasant because I feel good, appear well, and am looking forward to the next 50 if I’m blessed to do so. I’ve become one who believes life can get better as we age because by this time we’ve all learned a few things, experienced much, hopefully loved and cared for others, and been a friend to many. Fifty years doesn’t seem possible because I remember certain events from my childhood like they just happened. And in the grand... (more)

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By Frank - icare2be, published on Apr 3, 2011

Born of woman, Minutes, hours, days, months, Then years tick by,Some unnoticed.

Then, one day someone Called me middle aged, Shocked I knew the number, But felt the same As when I was 18.

Another day comes, A young child called me old. In my mind I murmured, "No!"

I looked withinAnd found my image,I felt no different As when I was in my 20's.

Yet, recently a person in their 20's Said with a smile he thought me ancient. Yes, I know my body hurts more, But in my mind I still have this image Of being somewhere in my 30's

My body has aged. Yet, my mind has... (more)

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Eternal Longing

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 4, 2010

I long for past summers Summers filled with hikesHikes through wild fields Fields of wind swept wonderWonder of a world unknownUnknown loss of innocenceInnocence replaced by knowledgeKnowledge that leads to longingLonging for past summers


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Hold My Calls

By JJFCPA, published on Oct 26, 2009

Early in my career as a young accountant, I met with the general manager of the Rolls Royce Miami aircraft engine operation to discuss his individual tax situation. He had been a client of our Firm since his arrived from the U.K. several years before, and Rolls Royce was a major audit client as well. It was my job now to handle his personal tax matters. So there I waited in the reception area of his office close to the Miami airport. The office was austere, but had 1st class furnishings as befitted a Global 100 company. I remember only a few details of that day including that it was... (more)

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