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Thoughts on changing bodies and age

By JennyT, published on Aug 31, 2013

... as we know it is the vehicle for conveying the first undeniable awareness of no longer being youthful. One can be youthful on the inside and think the same way as we did when we were younger, but the outside casing that what is visible is the sign that we are no longer young.

We resist our ageing for as long as humanly possible, was I was overly concerned with the concept of turning fifty the ‘mid way’ point in my life? (Assuming I live to 100) Yes l was. The realisation that over the next thirty or forty years would bring impending frailty, dependence on others and morbidly the... (more)

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Keep looking up!

By JennyT, published on Aug 30, 2013

... cover (I remember her) but not the magazine title. I sat with my skirt and T shirt on sipping my machine made latte (taking note this is the 1st warm day we have had since Winter has ceased) so my bare white skin was that of a beacon heralding the arrival of Spring.

Casting my eyes on the pages and flicking through, with stunning photographs (all touched up by the way) of the glamourous models and the expensive haute couture clothing that adorned their silken bronzed bodies. I gazed in awe at how pretty the clothes were and indeed how perfectly unmarked (almost store mannequin) were... (more)

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Life Over 50

By JennyT, published on Aug 29, 2013


we have had to work hard all our lives to get our possessions

we are grateful for having learnt manners and respect for others and not be cruel or bully

we worked up the chain in our jobs to obtain a higher rank

we can be who we are without apology

our mind tells us age is a number...our bodies remind us it isn't

That's all nothing more, nothing less

we can groan when we stand up, bend down, sit, squat or wake

we can repeat ourselves

we can forget things

make mountains out of molehills


we can be... (more)

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By JennyT, published on Aug 29, 2013

babbling about age

joints (a different kind) that ache in rain sounds of oohs and aaahs stiff bones - (sat too long) bending with a sock

wrinkles (don't get me started) tired arches - heels too high energy zapped end of the day (do I have to cook) tablets - herbs- vitamins body rattles walking pharmacy

one could ask (no I do ask) how much to they alleviate placebos of the mind thinking of ahead walking sticks (possibly frames) be gone with you

for ageing brings memories smack bang - the hippocampus of daisy chains Hendrix - Joplin laughter sitting cross legged... (more)

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My English Rose

By JennyT, published on Aug 27, 2013


This is lady who can say a sharp word or two to me if she feels the need.

This is the lady who has shared so much love for other people.

This is the lady that has such a good and giving soul.

This is the lady I look up to & admire for her strength & her courage to leave her home of England and come to Australia for a better life, knowing that breaking away from her parents was the hardest thing she could do.

This is the lady who has shown so much commitment and unquestionable love to my father.

This is the woman that lays Pops clothes on... (more)

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By Rahul, published on Jan 2, 2013

An old man on a swing

Swinging back and forth.

Clenching his hands tight

On the rusty side chains.

Legs stretched and bend

To the rhythm of swing.

His cotton white beard as-

An aimless lite drift cloud,

Shining in the morning sun

Showing the sign of age.

Joy fills the fogy face like-

That in an innocent child’s.

The swing of life continues

Swinging back and forth.

Flawless as day and night

Swinging back and forth.

For a beautiful lives end

Swinging back and forth.


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The Age of Opinion

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 15, 2012

In previous blog posts, I had categorized our present age variously as the age of fear, the age of personality, the age of the artist and now I am going to add a fourth: the age of opinion.

We have always had opinions but many of us have not been able to express them in past eras. This was for many reasons: some of our predecessors could not articulate opinions due to a lack of education and a lack of access to channels or communication tools; some of us were censured for our opinions with punishments as harsh as jail or death; some of us preferred to keep our opinions to ourselves as... (more)

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Changing Careers

By Shane Joseph, published on Nov 6, 2011

... a handful of non-strategic countries just to keep the arms industry and the armed forces in maintenance mode – but that is all. The clergy paled too, when its ranks (especially the male ranks) got tired of the sacrifice they were being asked to make by working long hours for less than minimum wage without the benefits of family to divert their focus from God’s work; and its power eroded too because a few weaker members decided to obey the demands of their loins instead of their souls and got caught in the act.

The 20th century saw the emergence of the business executive in... (more)

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iLo on Men: The New Issue with Age

By iLo Ivy, published on Oct 10, 2011

So this is, for sure, about a (seemingly) trivial matter. Maybe @aplusk and @mrskutcher’s alleged marriage troubles on the tabloids got me thinking, or perhaps the new ‘Mrs Beatle’, who knows. If I wanted to dig a little bit into the whole age (gap) issue, there are always Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s twins to prove me wrong (so far), and even the Susan Sarandons and Tim Robins of the world. But I’m not in the mood for digging. As always, just sharing.

I recently joined this not-so-new-to-me online dating site (I know, please don’t remind me) and today, among the hundreds of flattering... (more)

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A Woman's Love: Boy v Man

By taking off the mask, published on Aug 23, 2010

...then why did I keep asking to see him, if I claimed to be so madly in love with the boy?

I undid my seatbelt, feeling angry, and I tried to leave the car. It was a past midnight and dark. The stupid door stuck. The man's car was parked right next to a tree. Plus, I though, what message would it give, to the man, except that I was weak and immature?

He was right, what was I doing? I knew the boy wasn't going to convert. I knew we weren't going to run off, because I would never allow it. The man I wanted to be with and who actually knew me, sat in front of me.

... (more)

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