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South Africa’s Spear

By Anastasia , published on Jun 24, 2012

...miny, moe; one wife, two wife, three wife, four? Just imagine the arguments over exactly who is the country’s first, second, third or fourth lady!

Yes, I find him ridiculous but I’m not alone here: a lot of South Africans also think that he is ridiculous, even within the African National Congress, the corrupt ruling party. Objections have been raised over the tax-funded support Zuma receives for his wifely quartet. This is hardly surprising considering what’s officially referred to as ‘spousal support’ amounts to $1.6million. Enough is enough, the cry has gone up; we... (more)

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Cry, the Beloved Country

By Anastasia , published on Sep 25, 2011

...him to be president of the world. Seemingly the world agrees, at least in the shape of the United Nations, which designated 18 July, Saint Nelson’s birthday, to be an international day in his honour.

If only Mandela could have done for the world what he and his cohorts in the African National Congress (ANC), a party seemingly set to rule in perpetuity, have done for South Africa. What did they do, what have they done? Why, drawing on the observation of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, they stopped the gravy train of corruption only long enough for them to get on.

If anything the... (more)

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The Face of South Africa

By Anastasia , published on Jun 6, 2011

Helen Zille is a brave woman. If you've not heard of her she is a South African politician, the premier of the Western Cape and the leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA), a political party that stands in opposition to the ruling African National Congress (ANC) of President Jacob Zuma. In her younger days, during the time of the old Apartheid system of white minority rule, she worked as journalist on the Rand Daily Mail. It was she who exposed the government of the ruling National Party for lying about the death in prison of Steve Biko, the leader of the Black Consciousness movement. Faced... (more)

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