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6 Types of Older Men you Can Date

By LisaColnett, published on Jun 20, 2014

... candy who can just hop in plane to join them on a business trip.

Married one :

This one is self-explanatory. They are married but are still looking for someone they can date. They want their relationship to be discreet and private which means not leaving any trace of their illicit affair. They dislike a woman who asks too many questions or expects too much. They want to play their cards safely. Even though they have an affair, they have no intention of ending their marriage.They want to fulfill their fantasy of being with a hot beautiful woman, while continuing their married... (more)

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Nicolas Cage’s Wife Changed His Views of Hollywood

By Earn, published on Oct 28, 2013

At 49, Nicolas Cage has enjoyed a pretty successful career in Hollywood, both as an actor and a producer. But he’s now pointing a finger at the industry for discriminating against a certain breed of actors. And his accusations stem from none other than Cage’s young wife, 39-year-old Alice Kim.

Cage recently wrapped up his latest film, Outcast, for which most of the crew was Chinese. When doing an interview to promote the film, Cage slammed Hollywood for not offering viable lead roles for male actors of Asian descent. “I hope that we will see more Chinese actors in American... (more)

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Uncovering Foreign Affairs & their Aftermath

By Maylin Gonzalez, published on Sep 29, 2011

To many, Foreign Affairs mean a global stance on politics or even war, perhaps even the american magazine. To others, like myself, is a way of viewing affairs in a different, rather more common way: Cheating. This subject is more taboo than, let us say: Female Genital Mutilation (for those of you who don't know what that is; i welcome you to Wikipedia!) Anyways, the ultimate expectation is mutual monogamy, meaning 'not fucking around with others while fucking me'. Simple to many and so very hard for others... tisk tisk tisk. You can call it anything you want; foreign affair, cheating, fling,... (more)

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