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An Un-Educated Nation

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jul 15, 2014

More than ever, I fear for our nation’s youth. I’m not referring to their health and well-being so much (although that’s a huge problem) as I am their knowledge and facts about our country and other countries status; politically, socially and economically. Why, you may ask? Let me start off by giving an example:

I spoke with a young lady recently (probably late teens) while sitting in the lobby of an automotive center. We were both waiting on our cars being serviced. A television was communicating along the wall in the room, the news was on and current headlines were being shown. Among... (more)

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How to learn like a child and become a genius

By darinlhammond, published on Jul 9, 2013

Julie hovers over a puzzle that requires solving word problems in order to piece together a word collage that is beautiful. As a student at East Side Elementary in Middleton, California, she is used to playing games with language and numbers. Some of the games seem more like work, as they are challenging to complete.

What helps the most is that Julie is able to collaborate with her peers to work out the problems, and she has found that her friends know quite a bit. More importantly, she recognizes that she has much to contribute. Julie is competent and has a strong self-esteem.... (more)

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