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Manifesting, Mindfulness learn how to get them

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 7, 2012

Manifesting and Mindfulness people don't actually utilise these two techniques together. How to talk to your subconscious mind. It works when you know how. Over the years many have tried to work out the techniques of the elite. How they could aim for a goal within their life and gain the control. People would be astonish that it could be done.

It's not brain science however it has puzzled man for years. How to set out to get what you want....

Over the years, when cars and electricity were being made. Many men wondered at what was being created. Why couldn't they do that.... (more)

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Let Me Qualify That

By Briselle, published on Sep 12, 2010

Let Me Qualify That!

‘I’m a failure!’

I used to say this quite frequently. I would look back over my life and ask myself just what had I accomplished? Had I realized even one of the dreams I held so dear as a child? But then, one day, I had a revelation.

So what were my dreams? What had I hoped to do with my life?

First and foremost I always wanted to be a writer. To me, being a writer meant having a best seller – being a household name, like Stephen King, or Dean Koontz. Well, it never happened. However I did have a piece of my work published. I took part in an... (more)

Tags: setting goals, qualifying expectations, setting parameters to mark success, achieving goals

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