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The Blank Page

By Shane Joseph, published on Feb 16, 2014

...that must be said has already been written, when the next chapter of revelation lies just out of reach. During these moments, the desire to write is propelled by the need for output, the sign that we have not dried up. The writer’s raison d’être, the imperative to record the results of reflection married to imagination, is forgotten in our temporary panic, and we write for the sake of writing.

Writing that does not inspire reflection in the reader is empty, wasteful, and a contribution to the flotsam that clogs libraries, bookstores and the internet, making everyone go away... (more)

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My Blue Cave

By jonpercepto, published on Nov 16, 2011

I had been burdened by a series of overwhelming events requiring an introspective journey so consuming that it compelled me to withdraw further into my cave, painted a shade of pastel blue mixed with gray to evoke the tranquility of the sky from a mountain top as the passage into night approached. It was somewhere here, within the disappearing sunlight that I found the color I sought to landscape my retreat, an abode of serentity to focus my thoughts and build emotional strength when faced with turmoil, and perhaps attract divine inspiration that could help negotiate the storm I knew was approaching.

... (more)

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By l0oree, published on Oct 23, 2011

... my own path

And stare at my face in the mirror more than others.

Try the most part to mold my self

Into my,"own", role model.

To be who I most want to be like.

Find myself that I love so

Then, I can see clearly some love in everybody.

Next, I find the good of others.

I choose to reflect the good in others.

And continue til I am a giant reflection of goodness

Starting with myself

Then looking to others and mirror the good.

Now able to reflect back even more love and happiness a continuous cycle of love.


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