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Pope begs forgiveness of Catholic abuse victims

By Shaun Gibson, published on Jul 9, 2014

Pope Francis has begged for forgiveness in his first meeting with Catholics sexually abused by members of the clergy and gone further than any of his predecessors by vowing to hold bishops accountable for their handling of paedophile priests. Abuse victims and their advocates have long demanded that higher-ups be made to answer for the decades-long cover-ups of rape and molestation of youngsters in a scandal that has rocked the church and dismayed its worldwide flock of 1.2 billion. The pope celebrated a private Mass with six victims – two each from Ireland, Britain and Germany – at... (more)

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By Coach Phatty, published on Mar 10, 2014

Carl was a quiet man. He didn’t talk much. He would always greet you with a big smile and a firm handshake.

Even after living in our neighborhood for over 50 years, no one could really say they knew him very well.

Before his retirement, he took the bus to work each morning. The lone sight of him walking down the street often worried us.

He had a slight limp from a bullet wound received in WWII.

Watching him, we worried that although he had survived WWII, he may not make it through our changing uptown neighborhood with its ever-increasing random violence, gangs,... (more)

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L'amour est un Verbe

By Lumiere, published on Feb 1, 2014

...when nothing is hidden in digital context stories based on invisible pasts to the masses trembling in the loss words only go so far fear based thoughts melting clandestine war is to glass hearts full of vanity longing for solace in touch, one warm embrace

Voir mes yeux accorder you forgiveness fall like combusting stars hands of my friend-enemy so clammy arsenic is taking effect s'il vous plaît prendre votre chapeau blanc off mistaken for poetic rants turn truth, stand close, bow your head at the feet of my ashes, we are bleeding out now, I am bleeding out now Red is the love ... (more)

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A Story of Dealing With Bitterness

By Coach Phatty, published on Sep 13, 2013 forgive and forget. Hatred fuels bitterness and sometimes the only thing that will help relieve us from this bitterness is the power that we can only receive from God.

I read the following true story, written by Tim Kimmel, demonstrates a very powerful story of how the miracle of forgiveness helped to heal the wound of bitterness. It is my hope that, in some way, this story will help someone dealing with a wrong or a heart of bitterness to aply this sense of forgiveness in much the same way.

Shortly after the turn of the century, Japan invaded, conquered, and occupied... (more)

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A Holocaust Survivor's Story of Forgiveness

By Coach Phatty, published on May 15, 2013

...were arrested and imprisoned by the Germans. Corrie and her sister were sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp, where her sister died just before the end of the war in 1945. The rest of her family was never seen again. She spent the rest of her long life spreading the news of God’s forgiveness.

Here is a story of forgiveness, that she once shared. I still think it would have been almost impossible for me to ever have done…


~A Guidepost article from 1972 relates a short story titled “I’m Still Learning to Forgive“ (Corrie... (more)

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Thoughts To Ponder

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 7, 2012

Thoughts To Ponder

Several years ago the sociology department of Duke University did a study on "peace of mind." Several factors were found to contribute greatly to emotional and mental stability, they are:

Forgive . Rid yourself of suspicion and resentment. Nursing a grudge was a major factor in unhappiness. Forget . Live in the present. An unwholesome preoccupation with old mistakes and failures leads to depression. Accept life . Don't waste time and energy fighting conditions you cannot change. Cooperate with life, instead of trying to run away from it. Stay involved... (more)

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At Some Point In Time

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jun 12, 2012

At Some Point In Time

At some point in time

the past hurts

betrayals to our souls

scars on our hearts that can't be healed...

or refuse to be--

they simply must be left

buried in time

as holding on to them leaves the wound raw

holds us captive


no one wins and everyone loses even if we can not see this

we are stuck in time...

unable to move ahead or reach beyond what was

it is a choice between staying chained to darkness or stepping

into the light....

... (more)

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Tell Me...Just Asking...

By Barbara MacDonald , published on May 9, 2012

Tell Me...Just Asking...

Tell me does carrying that bitternessAnger and resentment "feel " goodDoes it give you peace , is itSomething we need to teachOur loved ones and children...We all are here together unitedIn our humanity and strugglesThere is a "higher' self whichLives in all of us , waitingTo rise above pettiness...Can we all walk togetherSharing our own personal truthsI know you can teach me I also can open your eyesTo something you are blind to...We are like a flower waiting to blossomSpilling forth endless beauty and peaceLove is our gift to ourselvesEncompassing all mankindJoining... (more)

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The Line Between Almost and Always

By Thom Hunter, published on Apr 7, 2012

...worth everything He went through. I will always know that He is with me. He made it clear that even death cannot separate us.


I can always live knowing He loves me and He gave Himself for me. And when I fail to love others as He did and does, I can always depend on His forgiveness and His help to forgive others as He did and does. To encourage others as He did and does.


And in times of trouble, which He knows will always be with me; I will always know He is as well.

Jesus never almost did anything.

It’s an ever thing for everyone. ... (more)

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Mighty Warriors of Weakness

By Thom Hunter, published on Mar 13, 2012

So . . . are you free to be ye yet?

Despite all the awe-inspiring technological advances in life, the countless avenues for gathering information, unlimited research on everything imaginable and the openness of modern life that allows pretty much anyone to share deep insight on absolutely anything that briefly piques their interest due to unlimited access to avenues of expression . . . we're not much closer to resolving the issues that lead us into rebellion and separation and solitude, it seems, or to the truth on the issues that blind us, bind us or define us.

We bow our heads... (more)

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