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GM Diet Plan To Lose Weight In 7 Days

By Zuhair, published on Jun 24, 2016

A diet program designed for the General Motors Corp., in conjecture with the Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture. A diet program that guarantees 5 to 8 kgs weight loss in a week without you feeling weak and starved. A diet program that does not entail you to sweat 7 hours a week in the gym, but promises you a guaranteed weight loss in 7 Days.

This is the GM DIET PLAN which is recognized and has proven results, all across the globe. The procedure is simple too with just minor precautions-

1. Avoid intake of alcohol during this period of 7 days.

... (more)


Benefits of Living in a Small Apartment

By Zuhair, published on Jun 21, 2016

It may surprise you to learn that small apartments have many benefits that massive houses cannot compete with. If you’re looking for a new place, here are a few reasons to consider downsizing rather than trading up.

More Affordable Option

Smaller apartments naturally have lower heating and cooling bills because you’re dealing with a smaller space. Vaulted ceilings look great, but they wind up consuming extra energy as you’re conditioning air that’s 12 feet above your head. Small apartments are cozy, and you’re only going to treat the air you’re actually living in. The monthly cost of... (more)


How to differentiate a software problem from a hardware prob

By Zuhair, published on Jun 13, 2016

Figuring out the source of the problem can be a little bit tricky since software problems and hardware problems often result in similar symptoms. For instance, both hardware and software problems may lead to blue screens frequently.

Is your computer slow?

I am sure you have heard stories that a friend’s computer slowed down when they installed numerous applications which run at start up. Other times you might hear that a computer slowed down after infection with a malware. Surprisingly, some people may even conclude that their computer slows down because it is old and believe... (more)


The Evolution of the Home: How Regulations Have Changed

By Zuhair, published on Jun 13, 2016

The regulations behind how homes are built and designed have changed over the years, taking into account things that weren’t previously thought through. It is especially important to learn these things, and how they will affect your home today. If you live in an older home, or are looking to build a new home, learn how these changes will impact your living situation. Those living in homes prior to some regulations may want to consider making specific upgrades to make their homes safer, or more efficient.


Mining of asbestos goes back thousands of years, long before the damaging... (more)


5 Good Reasons why You Need a Reverse Call Lookup Service

By Zuhair, published on Jun 7, 2016

You can use the caller’s phone number to find his/her name, as well as her/his address. At times, you may need to go a bit further and establish the person’s background in terms of criminal history, public record history, credit history, or tenancy history. While there are numerous reasons why anyone might have a phone number and needs to identify a certain individual or company, most of the reasons why people need a reverse call look up service will fall under four categories.

Nuisance Calls and Stalkers

Forbes claims that one of the major reasons why a reverse call lookup service... (more)


What teenagers should do online when they are bored

By Zuhair, published on May 16, 2016

"Mom, daddy, I am getting bore. I am going out with my friends for party. Don't worry if i get late."

*Mom and Dad getting angry and making disappointed face* "Well... We can say nothing but just "Okay!!!", son. Between yesterday as well you were feeling bore and went out on party. We just want to say that there are many others to kill boredom. I mean, for what you have computer/laptop and internet?"

Our parents are our well-wishers. They never say anything wrong. Actually, there is nothing wrong in roaming out with friends till late at night. But everyday doing so to avoid boredom... (more)


10 Ways to Increase Your Gas Mileage

By Zuhair, published on Apr 28, 2016

Improving the fuel economy not only saves drivers money, it is also beneficial for the environment as it releases fewer emissions into the air and reduces a nation's dependence on the oil and oil imports. By reducing the amount of driving we do and using the public transportation and combining trips has the greatest effect on how much gas every individual uses. That said, there are so many ways to improve the fuel economy when we do drive. These mainly involve driving more efficiently and making sure that our cars are properly maintained. Our driving habits have a significant impact on the... (more)


Things to keep in mind while buying first ever new car

By Zuhair, published on Apr 11, 2016

It does not matter whether you are recent graduate with your first real job or somebody other than the prototypical first-time car buyer, the process of car-buying is never filled with as much uncertainty as it's the first time. Being a fantastic first-time car buyer is not easy, but if it is worth doing — & it is — it is worth doing well.

To that end, we have come up with few tips to help you with the process.

New year, old model

Usually, car companies offer big discounts in December to clear Inventories before they hike prices & launch new models in January. If... (more)

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What students should keep in mind while filing Taxes for the

By Zuhair, published on Apr 8, 2016

"Hey! Did you just hear that sound? It's of nail biting. O' God!!! Gentleman, tell me, tell me, tell me about your first every experience of filing tax? Any advice or some tricky-gentle-tips? I so badly want them."

We have all grown up hearing our parents & the media complain about the headaches of tax season, a topic that most students are quick to ignore. But for most of working college students on the brink of adulthood, the exact time to start filing taxes is nearer than they wonder - now.

We have asked some universities experts to share some advices to make things easier... (more)


Key functions of recruitment process

By Zuhair, published on Mar 4, 2016

Irrespective of the size and nature of business, every entrepreneur has to appoint suitable candidates that will help them to efficiently carry out their business functions. Generally, business owners assume that no one can take the right decision about employing the suitable person. To some extent they are right, as they have a clear idea about specific job roles in their firm. In fact, they are mistaken. Understanding job roles is different from screening the right resource for specific jobs. The process of screening and interviewing applicants to delegate the defined duties is known as recruitment... (more)


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