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Thumb-suckers In The Pews

By ZenGrrrl, published on Jan 14, 2008

Children and infants suck their thumbs; thumb-sucking is sometimes even seen in the womb. Why would babies engage in a behavior that serves no survival need? That brings them no food or shelter?

For infants, the sucking instinct is part of survival. Sucking is the means to get food—food means survival.

Then why should a child who is no longer an infant continue to suck his thumb?

When the child is tired, hungry, cold, bored, wet, or otherwise stressed, thumb-sucking becomes a “pleasure center” activity—just like exercising, eating, or... (more)

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The Spinal Tap

By ZenGrrrl, published on Nov 25, 2006

I was still shaking from the spinal tap. The medical term is “lumbar puncture.” Any combination of words that contains “spinal” and “puncture” was going to terrify me. It did. From working in a law firm that handled injury cases, I had read grisly stories about spinal taps. Horror stories. The first insertion of the needle isn’t precise and they have to do it again. Terrible, agonizing pain. Days, weeks of headaches, nausea, blurred vision, speech impairment. All this was going through my mind as I lay on my side, waiting for hell to open up. It didn’t. The procedure went smoothly.... (more)


It's Time for a (Sexual) Revolution

By ZenGrrrl, published on Nov 1, 2006

Sex is not divine, or sick, or dirty, or evil, or sacred. It's human. It is the act that human beings are hard-wired to desire and, in many cultures (especially American), are taught to not talk about. What forces are shaping us when a woman can send an electronic message across the globe in five seconds, but she can't tell her partner that she has never had an orgasm? Our culture perpetuates more dysfunction around sex than any other part of the human condition. The media images that we are surrounded by provide all the titillation we could ever ask for—with zero guidance on how to respond... (more)

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