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Bioterror fears? Bush says

By yesteryear, published on Dec 16, 2007

With consumer confidence at its lowest level in years, and American retail giants reporting an extremely slow Christmas shopping season, President Bush invited a group of scientists and corporate CEOs to Washington Friday to remind the American public that shopping isn't just good for the United States' economy - it's also good for public health. The President gave his opening remarks, "My fellow Americans, please welcome my good buddy Dan Fowler to the podium. Him and all of his guys at the American Board of Corporate Donors, Elders and Financiers have been working real hard and I think... (more)

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I Still Hate PT Cruisers: One Woman's Manifesto

By yesteryear, published on Dec 14, 2007

Some people think the PT Cruiser is "Sex on Wheels." Why wouldn't they? After all, it's changed their lives! They suddenly feel younger, more hip, "sporty"... whatever. Well, I'd like to suggest that perhaps the PT Cruiser is more like Death on Wheels. Death on Wheels? That's a little dramatic, isn't it? Well, yes, I suppose it is... but if you'll bear with me, I will demonstrate how the very existence of the PT Cruiser has murdered taste and massacred better judgement, all the while asphyxiating our culture's collective memory. So, let's start with the obvious facts. In terms of its appearance,... (more)

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"Anonymous Reader" Demands Changes to BrooWaha Rating System

By yesteryear, published on Dec 13, 2007

Richard Karn fans around the world were enraged Wednesday to hear that an anonymous reader of the "Citizen Newspaper Network" would like to see a rating of "lower than 1" added to the website's article rating system, in response to an article written about the former Home Improvement star. The Official Richard Karn Fan Club released the following statement: "Fans and supporters of Richard Karn were very saddened today hear of this senseless act of cruelty. It is our sincere hope that the parties involved can resolve this issue in a calm and timely manner and that they are careful not to further... (more)

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Richard Karn to Star in "How Santa Got His Groove Back"

By yesteryear, published on Dec 11, 2007

Best known for his role as Al Borland, Tim Allen's sidekick on the hit television series Home Improvement, Richard Karn has seen little acting work since the series ended in 1999. Karn is said to be looking forward to the opportunity to once again don the red and white costume of "Jolly Old Saint Nick," a costume he originally wore for Home Improvement's Christmas episode in 1997. McMillan's opinion of the film was made evident during her appearance on Larry King Live last week, when she was quoted as saying, "Taye Diggs' rotten, decomposing career will role over in its proverbial grave... (more)

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By yesteryear, published on Dec 10, 2007

Santa Monica, CA - One million disgruntled boyfriends marched outside the home of British singer-songwriter James Blunt Thursday to protest the unrealistic expectations of devotion, admiration and respect his songs have inspired in legions of shrill, angry girlfriends around the world. Blunt's single "You're Beautiful", which held the number-one spot on Billboard's Top 100 in both the United States and the UK in 2005, has since been blamed for the termination of over 86,000 long term relationships in both countries, as well as in Canada. "We will no longer stand by and allow this man's music... (more)

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Chris Tucker Tapped for Sequel to No Country for Old Men

By yesteryear, published on Dec 9, 2007

Still riding high on the success of the third installment in the Rush Hour franchise earlier this year, actor Chris Tucker has been chosen to costar in the sequel to the Coen brother's neo-classic No Country For Old Men. When asked about choosing Tucker to costar alongside Javier Bardem, who will revisit his role as Anton Chigurh in the sequel, Ethan Coen explained, "Joel and I have had a lot of people ask us about picking Chris for this part, but to us the choice was obvious. When it comes to sequels, Chris is Hollywood's golden boy. Everyone knows about Rush Hour, but what about the... (more)

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