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6 Tips and Factors to find a Long-Term Multi-Bagger Stock In

By Yashpal Sharma, published on Oct 11, 2017

To become a successful investor both in terms of having a diversified portfolio and gaining profits, you have to find the company stocks which can become a multi-bagger in the longer go.

Here are some of the golden tips to follow and considerable factors to find a multi-bagger stock:


1. Have a method

Even if it’s a proven method for world’s successful investor don’t blindly use it, it may not work well with you. Create your own method/follow your own approach instead of following other successful stock investors.

2. Follow a disciplinary approach

... (more)


6 Things one Should Know as One Starts to Invest in Equities

By Yashpal Sharma, published on May 30, 2017

Everyone wants to be financially strong so that their kids or they need not face hardships in future. If you too aim the same, then it time that you consider investing in equities to create your wealth.

When doing so, it is important to keep the following 6 things in mind.

1. Understand the concept of wealth creation

As soon as we start earning, either from our business or regular job, we deposit that money in a bank and simultaneously keep some money aside to invest in different bank schemes. Investing in equities is, however, a little different.

One invests in... (more)


10 Cool and Easy Things You Can Do While Breastfeeding

By Yashpal Sharma, published on Apr 12, 2017

Although the act of breastfeeding seems like a fun and simple way to sit back, relax, and enjoy with your baby, it can sometimes also make you feel like you’re stuck sitting on your couch – especially if you’re an expert multitasker. Consequently, as soon as you realize you’re spending the majority of your precious time breastfeeding, you wish to do something productive. Fortunately, there are plenty of productive things you can easily do at the same time as you’re breastfeeding your little one. Here are just a few examples

Interact With Your Baby:

As breastfeeding is... (more)


Reasons that Make Long Term Stock Investment a Good Strategy

By Yashpal Sharma, published on Feb 16, 2017

Data is a testament to the fact that this ‘buy’ and ‘hold’ strategy works great with equities. Long-term investment strategies along with the above approach work with stocks, if you have a decade or two to play with. If not, market fluctuations including inflation, bear market and overall downturn may cause many to sell their stocks within the starting 2-5 years.

When you actually implement an effective buy and hold strategy with your stocks, then there may be times when you lose money in a fiscal year. However, in the long haul, this approach will surely give you around 10%... (more)

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The 4 Principles of Successful Stock Market Investments

By Yashpal Sharma, published on Oct 7, 2016

The stock market has always invited a lot of doubts and questions about the working and the risks involved in it. The fact is that there are a few simple yet highly effective principles that should ideally be followed for successful investments made in the stock market. The most important ones of these principles are:

Predicting market movement

Investors are always looking for predictions on their stock recommendations for long term or short term. The truth however, is that no one can accurately predict the market movement with consistency. Even the big names in the market are... (more)

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How to Predict the Best Stocks to Invest in?

By Yashpal Sharma, published on Jun 30, 2016

Before you start exploring the market, you’ll need to know the risks associated and a few basics. In order to figure out the best stocks to invest in, you require lots of patience and discipline, along with a great deal of research and a sound understanding of the stock market.

Below are some golden principles which can help you increase your chances of getting a good return out of your investment if followed in a prudent manner:

1. Avoid being a part of the bandwagon: Typically, a buyer's decision is heavily influenced by those of his acquaintances or relatives. Thus,... (more)

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