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Goddess of Wealth - Just in time for Diwali

By wolviela, published on Nov 8, 2007

This Friday marks the celebration of Diwali for most Hindus across the nation and most of all of India. I would have to say that Diwali is close to our New Years and is also known as a festival of lights but also is a special occasion to worship Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth who has four arms) For one little girl in India, this will really be a new year and celebration for a new life. Her name is Lakshmi, and she was born with four arms and four legs. She was part of a set of twins in which the other twin died and instead of the mothers systems reabsorbing,... (more)

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In the Dog house.

By wolviela, published on Sep 7, 2007

We all know that police dogs can be cute, but very vicious when prompted to attack a suspect, but that doesn't warranted being cooped up in 109 degree heat in a cruiser. As an officer there are certain duties that come attached with that, such as protecting the lives of citizen and keeping our neighborhood safe. There is an oath that police take when getting out of the academy that states this. Does that oath mention anything about neglecting your partner, whether it be human or dog? There was an article in the paper that a police canine dog was found dead in his patrol car, while he we off... (more)

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Circus of the Sun

By wolviela, published on Aug 28, 2007

Amidst the roaring of plane engines, screeching of sirens, in the middle of Inglewood you will find a brightly colored yellow and blue tent. The French call it the Grand Chapiteau, We call it a Big Top. Within that you will find a Circus of the Sun. Commonly known as Cirque Du Soleil. Celebrating their 20th anniversary in which their first performance was in Los Angeles. They are back with Corteo. If you are a fan of this acrobatic troupe from Montreal Canadia, you surely will be first in line to buy the tickets. If you haven't seen a show, you should be first in line for these tickets. Though... (more)

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Starbucks or Movie?

By wolviela, published on Aug 26, 2007

For almost two years I've lived in the Highland Park area. A nifty little area that hasn't been taken over by Corporate America. This is shown by the many little mom and pop stores that are still here and cater primarily to the the large Hispanic population in this neighborhood. Four blocks from my street is a small historic theatre, Highland 3 Theatre. It looks a little dumpy, which I must admit is why it took me two years to go in the place. But for the good ol' price of a Starbucks fancy, no whip, extra hot, mocha, you can see todays popular movies. Yes folks, that's $4 before any 6 pm showing.... (more)

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Alice in Bollyland...

By wolviela, published on Aug 25, 2007

Yes, that's right. Lewis Carroll's great novel, Alice in Wonderland, that we all read or watched as children, has now made its way to the Bollywood scene. For those of you who aren't in the know, that is India's Hollywood version of cinema. This Bollywood version is called called Paheliyan, The story of Alice. This was advertised on the morning news program that I watch while getting ready for work today. So just out of curiosity being a huge Bollywood fan, I decided to take myself over to the Ford Amphitheater and check it out. Paheliyan are riddles that never lose their magic according to... (more)

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'I used to act dumb'

By wolviela, published on Jun 11, 2007

After a weekend of nature and relaxation in the mountains, I wake up to this blaring from the television. And people wonder where all the blonde jokes come from. My first reaction upon hearing this was, you don't say? I don't know about you, but being called dumb is not a compliment, and it certainly has never been cute. At least not in the circle of friends, men and women, I've ever hung out with. I got news for Ms. Hilton, all those people in the jail (not prision) all acted dumb and I'm sure they don't think it's cute now. My bet is that Ms. Hilton, along with a lot of you, don't realize... (more)

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Wolves in Los Angeles?

By wolviela, published on Apr 15, 2007

Not exactly. But you can drive a mere two, two and a half hours to the town of Julian. On the way to San Diego for those who are geographically inept. Every Saturday afternoon at the California Wolf Center,,they have and educational program and a tour of the their ambassador packs starting at 2pm. If you are not a member it is $10 per person. They are a nonprofit organization that is helping to re-introduce the Mexican Wolf back into the Southwest States as well as to eventually bring the Grey Wolf back to the state of California. Reservations are required as you... (more)

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Yes.. they do actually dance like that

By wolviela, published on Apr 9, 2007

For those of you fans of Bollywood movies. I'm here to tell you that, yes, East Indians really do dance like that functions. Sadly however, they do not just randomly break into song and dance while talking to you or at that awkward moment in Western movies where the kissing is about to happen. I came back from a Punjabi engagement ceremony. If you haven't been to one of these fantastic events, grab yourself a few Indian friends and try to get invited. This was a mixed marriage engagement ceremony. She was Caucasian, he was American-born Punjabi. Traditions still run deep in the marriage department,... (more)


Nonprofit Management

By wolviela, published on Oct 24, 2006

Do you have a nonprofit that you are thinkning about starting? Do you think that nonprofit means you can't make any money off your nonprofit? Think again. In this day in age of gas prices raising, unaffordable housing, unstable job market, nonprofits are starting left and right. People are getting smart. Pay our trusty IRS a one time $500 filing feee, create a new spin on an old idea and voila, you have a nonprofit. Never have to pay taxes again. That's why it's called tax-exempt organization. So what do you do with your nonprofit? How to do you get money to sustain it? Well if you live in... (more)

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