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Kawaski Disease - What Is It?

By wolviela, published on Jan 7, 2009

This article is a short informational. My condolences to the Travolta family.

In the recent tragic death of John Travolta's son, Jett, it has been said that he was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, an illness that affects the blood vessels in young children. If you would like to know more about this disease from a clinical perspective, visit thefollowing local hospital site, that recent gave a lecture toits physicians on this disease.



Tea Time

By wolviela, published on Dec 10, 2008

Being part Asian, and adopted by a British woman, there's no question that tea is in my blood.

However, growing up I was accustomed to black tea with milk and sometimes sugar and of course the all time "stereotypical" high tea time. Yes, complete with little sandwiches, and scones, cream and strawberries.

As I got older, I discovered therewas much more than black teas. There were the jasmine teas they served in Chinese restaurants, the green teas they served in Japanese restaurants and the chai teas they served in Indian restaurants.

Over the last 10-15 years tea hasbecome... (more)

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.. Slumdog Style

By wolviela, published on Nov 30, 2008

The name of the title is atrocious, but definitely gets your attention.

For those of my readers who have been to Bombay, sorry I refuse to say Mumbai you will watch this movie with different eyes than those who have not.

Unfortunately, Fox Searchlight pictures and the directors of this film are not far off in the capturing the life and people of Bombay. Someone over there must have watched Salaam Bombay!, before attempting this film and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the children used in this film were actually from the slums of Bombay. If so, good for them and... (more)

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Ashoka, The Great (price On Your Wallet)

By wolviela, published on Nov 25, 2008

In an economy when you are looking to get more bang for your buck, especially going out to eat, there is a jewel in the heart of Artesia.

This is the time of season when people go out shopping, eating and spending the money they have saving for this year. However, even I find myself not eating out much these days. Lately when I have gone out the portions are not worth the price of the plate its served on.

However if you are a fan of Indian food, take a trek down to the Artesia/Cerritos area. Along the bustling main street of Pioneer Blvd you will see a mirad of Indian restaurants,... (more)

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Ordinary People Extraordinary Heroes - Thanks Cnn

By wolviela, published on Nov 23, 2008

Standing on Hollywood Blvd, dressed up in a cocktail dress axiously awaiting what was in store across the street at the Kodak Theatre, one had to think, what am I doing here.

Along with a group of girls, some who came together, and a few like me who came by themselves, we were there for a main purpose. Of course other than trying to earn money for the holiday. Just kidding folks! Seat Fillers... a person who fills in the empty seats so that the audience at home does not see empty seats. Of course it didn't hurt we were seeing Anderson Cooper, whom I think is handsome in a distinugished... (more)

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Many In Body, One In Mind

By wolviela, published on Nov 5, 2008

As I listened last night to the speech of our newly elect-President Obama, I focused in on these words in the title of my article that I'm pretty sure were spoken. This primarily in partbecause I am a Buddhist. My practice is of the Nichren Dashonion sect, in which we look within ourself to make ourselves a better person to contribute to world peace. Last night I believe that Americans were not only looking for change, but looked inside themselves. President-Elect Obama, I believe has been doing that for years, no matter what faith he practices.

I am only 34 years old and a product... (more)

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Fun On A Nickel

By wolviela, published on Nov 3, 2008

With the economy the way it is, where can you take your kids or yourself for some cheap clean fun?

This weekend while visiting friends in the O.C. (that’s Orange County for my non Los Angeles readers), my friend took me to a cool arcade place called Nickel, Nickel.

There is an admission price, but my friend had a coupon that gave us free admission for $7 worth of nickels, which lasted us a good 2 hours. They also have packages for birthday parties or parties. And for my Chuck Cheese fans, this is fun with out the scary costume characters.

Most of the games are... (more)

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Why Los Angelites Need Ryan Seacrest.

By wolviela, published on Nov 3, 2008

Unless you have been living in a cave, everyone who resides in Los Angeles knows of Ryan Seacrest. You know may know him as the host of American Idol, the host of E! News, host of the American Top 40, the host of News Eve Count down with Dick Clarke, hell host of everything.

I only know him as the guy I listen to on my 45-50 minute drive to work along with Ellen K on Los Angeles' top radio station 102.5 KissFm. My secondary alarm clock.

Whether you think the man is gay, straight, or one hell of a metro-sexual, the man is magnificant in his own right. Perhaps a little... (more)

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Festival Of Lights

By wolviela, published on Oct 28, 2008

If some of you reading have East Indian neighbors, and you see candles lighting their pathways or back yards, be sure to wish them Happy Diwali. This is one of the biggest festivals of the year for Hindus, though most of India does celebrate these aupicious 5 days.

In the Hindu tradition the story for Diwali goes as follows, or so I've been told:

Diwali celebrates return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya. Lord Ram was sent to exile by his stepmother for 14 years in the jungle. His wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman also accompanied him there. In the jungle... (more)


Overcoming Barriers To Compassionate Care

By wolviela, published on Oct 13, 2008

There will be a point in our lives that we will have to have that conversation with our parents, our siblings, or other loved ones, about the care theywish to receive when they are no longer able to care for themselves or become incapacitated to the point wherethey are unable to make medical ethical decisions for themselves. What if this happens to you? Do your loved one know what your wishes are?

Last year I attended a Biomedical ethics community forum that was put on for free by Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank. The topic was of Palliative and Hospice care.I wish that... (more)

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