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Dalai Lama Renaissance

By wolviela, published on Aug 4, 2009

Two years ago I answered a Craigslist ad to view a documentary about the Dalai Llama. I was interested in Tibetand the exile of the Dalai Lama. I fully expected it to be held in a large cinema setting, but instead it was held at the Director’s (Khashyar Darvich) apartment with about 10 other people who had answered the similar ad, surprisingly none of them in the “industry”. He was looking for input as it was in editing mode. There was no narrator, there was no background music. Raw footage. This was a version that he was working on and it contained many people from What the Bleep!? I knew... (more)

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Interview With A Funny Indian

By wolviela, published on Aug 3, 2009

Twoyears ago,I saw Rajiv Satyal, aka Funny Indian, performat the Ice House in Pasadena. We quickly became good friends (at least I believe so). Our meetings usually involved me driving him to airports, hanging out with him before and after his shows, or introducing him and his roommate to avocado ice cream. But what really made this Funny Indian tick? A couple weeks ago, Rajiv was kind enough to grace me with his presence at Twain's café in Studio City for a sit down interview.

Wolviela: How would you describe your comedy?

Funny Indian: The point of difference versus... (more)

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What Youtube Can Teach You.

By wolviela, published on Jul 17, 2009

If you’re like myself, your learning stylecomes from watching demonstrate the something you are interested in doing. One of my passions is cooking, not baking. Yes there is a distinction. Baking take more accuracy and patients, neither of which I have much of these days.

Also if you’re like myself and taken an interest in a certain type of food or gotten all excited one day and bought something in excess thinking you’ll be using it all the time, it’s probably still sitting on your back shelf. One of those items was Besan flour. It is Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans... (more)


Oxyclean's Billy Mays, Yelling No More.

By wolviela, published on Jun 29, 2009

50 seems to be the magic number this week. He's not an internationally know icon, but I'm pretty sure he is nationally known and I'd would give to go as far as to say he his King of Infomercials.

Billy Mays, aka, OxyClean guy has been found dead in his home this morning. Mays was not a professional actor, but rather a one of those guys you see at state fairs and other similar type events hired to sell products such as shams and what nots.

It is spectulated that he may have died of the similar circumstances as Natasha Richards. He was on a plane that had a hard landing... (more)


Man In The Mirror

By wolviela, published on Jun 27, 2009

At nearly 35, I’m forced to take a look back at the things that shaped, influenced or may have been embarrassing to admit.

Last weekend I went home to visit my mom and found some old items I had from the eighties. One of them was a mirror with a picture Michael Jackson on it. His trade mark black pants, glittery socks, and of course the gloved hand. This was the first time he had gotten his nose job and had a jerri curl. I also ran across a pin that had him in a white suit and leaning back and his signature. Yes, 10 years later, I would never admit to owning these things, but... (more)


"shake, Shake..shake That State"

By wolviela, published on May 21, 2009

California. Home of beautiful coastlines, beautiful trees, beautiful people, but also home to beautiful big earthquakes.

Every so often we are reminded that this earth is not ours to do as we please and I think mother nature gets a little shook up and let us know.

I've experience many 'quakes, including the San Francisco Earthquake in 1989. As a California resident, born and rasied I know that these are prevelant and even can gauge how high on the ricther scale they are.

Last Sunday as I was in my kitchen cooking, I felt vibrations. At first I thought it was just my... (more)

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Shame On Shaan

By wolviela, published on May 18, 2009

This is for all my Northern California Readers. I don’t normally like to write bad reviews but this is warranted, especially in the times where money is tight and if you do go out to eat, you want a pleasant dining experience for your money.

As a promise to my mom when I move down here to lovely sunny and recently Earth shooken Los Angeles, I come home once a month to visit.

Usually we go shopping, movie or dinner. You know the mother/daughter stuff.

My neighborhood that grew up in has had interesting changes over the last 30 years, and I’m glad to see... (more)

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The Lists Of Craig

By wolviela, published on Apr 26, 2009

"We both scraped the bottom of the barrel, didn't we?" This is what my current boyfriend  said to me about 2 months into our relationship.  We had both tried Yahoo Personals, and other ways to meet people, but it just didn't work for either of us.

I had used Craigslists many times. I found two apartments that way and a job. Sure I had perused the other sections of Craigslist and often wondered if meeting someone that way was feasible.

Finally I decided what the hell. My ad was no more that 3 sentence long and the responses  received were surprisingly a lot. I hadn't even put my... (more)

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Racing Toward Stupidity

By wolviela, published on Mar 26, 2009

“Can I ask you about race?” Did I hear that right I thought to myself as I was listening to the press conference the other day. I thoughtoh maybe she just still talking about the race, and she left out "the."Then I realized what she was asking and was followed by the thought can I slap this person.

In his usual eloquent style is he addressed this issue very well. He acknowledged that this was big deal, on inauguration day that lasted one day. As Obama pointed out, this economy doesn’t matter what race you are, it’s affecting everyone and his job is to help get... (more)

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Something To Muse Over

By wolviela, published on Mar 24, 2009

This past weekend, The Funny Indian, Rajiv Satyal (see my previous article for this) was auditioning for a gig at the prestigious Montreal Comedy festival. It was taking place at the Unknown theatre in Los Angeles.

As usual, my boyfriend and I arrived early and were to meet some other friends as well. We met one and while waiting for our other friends, we were looking to find something to drink and pass the time away. Anyone who knows this area of Santa Monica Blvd, knows there’s not much happening there, but on the corner of SM, a block down from Seward, we popped into a little café... (more)


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