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Process Require for International Move from India

By Webrex Technologies, published on Jun 1, 2017

When you are planning for International relocation, you have to gear up for umpteen numbers of paper work, scientific packing methods that should be in sync with the country of destination, custom work etc.

Planning: Planning is vital aspect when it comes to the big international move. Relocating to new country involves many aspects and in order to avoid missing on important aspects and facing trouble in the end, one should make proper plan of the move well in advance. What to bring and leave: Making list of things that are to be taken to new country and that to be left here is vital.... (more)

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Radon: the Deadliest Natural Disaster

By Webrex Technologies, published on Nov 3, 2016

After all, disaster is right there in the name, calling attention to the significance of turmoil that these natural disasters can create. But when you think of the damage done by a natural disaster, what do you think of, or worry about? Two-hundred-year-old trees uprooted? Broken windows? Flooded basements? Demolished houses? Death? The first four are common anxieties that come to mind when natural disasters hit town and leave a horrible aftermath. Death, though? It seems a bit extreme, doesn’t it? My family isn’t going to die because of a little water in our basement, heck, we could even survive... (more)

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The Latest Marketing Techniques short code Bulk SMS

By Webrex Technologies, published on Jun 14, 2016

Marketing of anything is a challenging task and it takes on nerves of every entrepreneur. If there are no perfect marketing strategies even the best of best products fail in the market.

Organizations have understood that with proper marketing strategies one can capture mammoth share of market. With change of time, new methods of marketing have emerged and one such is bulk SMS marketing. Here the message is sent across wide range of customers using cell phones. This service has proved to be the most effective and economical method of marketing.

Recently short code Bulk SMS marketing... (more)

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How Bulk SMS Marketing can make a Big Impact on New Customer

By Webrex Technologies, published on Apr 8, 2016

Of all the marketing Bulk SMS marketing is the best form which can make big impact on new customers. So what is bulk SMS marketing all about? It is nothing but transmission of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phones terminals. It is adopted by media companies, enterprises, banks and consumer brands for variety of purpose including entertainment enterprise and mobile marketing.

Bulk SMS marketing is blessing in disguise specially for creating impact on new customers. This facility has brought tremendous change in the manner the business is conducted. Gone are the brick... (more)

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How SMS Marketing Conjecture the Future for Your Business

By Webrex Technologies, published on Feb 4, 2016

Today one has options of umpteen numbers of marketing options and to select the optimum one that satisfies the business and audience needs is really a tough job to materialize for any entrepreneur.

While there are many other marketing options, the one that is been accepted widely is SMS marketing or the short message service marketing. SMS marketing is a technique that uses text messages to spread promotional message across target audience. It is permission based as approval of the receiver is vital, in other words in order to receive text message specials, information about new products,... (more)

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Essential Qualities of Highly Successful E-Commerce Business

By Webrex Technologies, published on Dec 18, 2015

E-commerce is rocking the internet arena. The credit for the growth of E-commerce business goes to many aspects the main being the growing awareness on the part of consumers to get the best deals, more and more companies are showcasing their products on the internet and globalization which has opened the doors to products of other countries.

However to be successful in Ecommerce one must have the following essential features:

Website to be updated frequently: In order to succeed in ecommerce business the website should be updated regularly. Even if one has no new products, it is... (more)

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How to Sell the Web Design Service

By Webrex Technologies, published on Aug 23, 2014

In order to sell your web designs and rope in mammoth target audience you have to stand apart amongst the thousands of competitors in all the respects.

One has to follow few points to attract more clients to your web design business and elevate your bottom line:

• Go for packaged services as products: Sell software packages at a fixed price. This showcases the client the kind of work will be undertaken in respective package. Corner what kind of services can be offered as a packaged deal for a price say for e.g. logo design, WordPress template, pamphlets, downloadable PDF’s... (more)

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