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Website: Catholic Bashing, OK. Muslims, Not So Much.

By Wanda Tuinphro, published on Aug 30, 2010

This post is a continuation of one I had written this past Tuesday, entitled My Brouhaha with BrooWaha. For those of you who have not read that post, allow me to bring you up to speed.Last weekend, I happened upon a website called The website is promoted as "Your Citizen Newspaper", enabling writers to board another vehicle in hopes of getting their words out onto the Internet. Thinking it might be a good opportunity, I submitted two pieces from my blog right away, both of which, were published.It was my third article which started this rather odd chain of events. I submitted... (more)


Will the Pope Apologize for Rizal?

By Wanda Tuinphro, published on Aug 26, 2010

The Catholic church has never had a vested interest in prosperity as a way to pave the way for the spread of common Filipino decency. The Catholic church in the Philippines has always insured for the Filipino only misery, poverty, and indeed religious stupidity as the best way to maintain political and social insanity.Is the Catholic Church evil? Yes. It is the most evil institution ever devised by man. The Pope's apology for the vast amount of "sins committed by the church" in 2000 is not enough. It is ridiculous. The Pope has yet to apologize and to return the WEALTH stolen away from the... (more)

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