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The unfinished Journey: Memories of Near Deah Experience

By vundula, published on Aug 8, 2013

I didn’t plan this journey. Every journey has a beginning and a perceived ending – destination. But this one? I didn’t know where it originated and therefore I had no idea where it would end.

On a cool May morning in 1998, I collapsed at the super market in our community and was rushed to Hilltop Hospital, a private medical center. At the hospital, I was diagnosed with cerebral malaria, treated, and discharged after three days. Within a week of recuperation at home, I was back at the hospital, diagnosed with meningitis. The earlier cerebral malaria diagnosis was incorrect. After six... (more)

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Reflections On The Los Angles Earthquake

By vundula, published on Sep 8, 2009


By Vundula

Ka boom! My small dinner table quivered spilling its contents. I stood silent. A cold shiver rushed through my spine. The bang scared the wits out of me. And while I fumbled for my daughter’s telephone number…boom…a repeat of lesser magnitude but all the same adding to the scare.

Yes, I was scared; but not of the earthquake. The thought of an earthquake didn’t cross my mind. I know earthquakes occur. I experienced my first earthquake in Los Angeles way back... (more)

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I Defied Defeat

By vundula, published on Aug 1, 2007

His song expressed the dream of every child, including African children, born in smoke-filled huts in rural villages, who hoped one day to live a kingly life in the city holding a top government, or corporate job including that of president of their country. I wasn't immune to such dreams. I was born and raised in a small village in a remote part of Zambia, Africa. Dr David Livingstone crossed the Lwangwa River near this village in 1874 on his last trip to Africa. Illiteracy was 100 per cent. No wonder Dr Livingstone called Africa "the dark continent."

But missionaries who followed... (more)

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I thought I Was Invited!

By vundula, published on Apr 8, 2007

"It's your honor," said Rob, his voice raised above the restaurant chatter. "Tell the waitress what you're gonna have."

"I'll have Rump steak, well done, with baked potato."

"And for a drink?" asked the waitress.

"l'l' try a Bud," I said. "I hear it's great."

The rest of the group gave their orders and the chattering resumed. I had arrived in New York City in the fall of 1967 to attend graduate school. Being the only non white and foreign student in the class, my American classmates saw me as a spectacle. They were curious and had many questions running in their... (more)

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Lonely In A Crowd

By vundula, published on Apr 4, 2007

“Madam, which way is 5th Avenue?” I asked the next passenger as we emerged from the subway. “Honey, if you don’t know where you’re going, why do you travel?” This was my first awakening as a young foreign student in New York City. It dawned on me in this city; I was alone in a crowd! The village community in which I was born and raised in Zambia was small. Its members were all relatives. Everyone knew everyone else: facially, by voice, and footprints. All children were the collective responsibility of adults. We had our biological parents and lived... (more)

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From Kalimatundu To Hollywood; Dream Come True

By vundula, published on Mar 30, 2007

I had never been to Los Angeles, let alone America. But, from Kalimatundu (the land of wild bougainvillea), in rural Zambia, I knew about Hollywood way back in the 1950s through watching motion pictures, as we called movies. The Hollywood so seen through performances by actors and actresses was simply enthralling. I got hooked. I made a secret promise, to myself: "One day in my lifetime I must go see this Hollywood, better still, live there and own a Hollywood mailing address." At the same time I knew this was wishful thinking since I was thousands of miles away and without the means... (more)

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Los Angeles Illusion

By vundula, published on Mar 8, 2007

What's in a name?


For example my name, Vukani, is a warning.

And Los Angeles?

The second largest city in the United States of America founded in1781 by 46 settlers (including 26 of African descent), Los Angeles is everybody's delight.

To some foreigners Los Angeles is Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world. Others are fascinated by the flora, fauna, and tenacious weather which give Los Angeles "its friendly colors."

Americans adore Los Angles. Will Durant wrote: "How could I help but fall in love with a city named after Nuestra Senora... (more)

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