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Smart Homes Are Not The Future, They Are Here Now

By VKJocums, published on Apr 8, 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the newest craze in home improvement. From the time we were kids, the promise of a smart home has been calling us. For those of us with either the money or the tech savvy, having a smart home is a reality. For the rest of us, we have to make do.

There are very positive things about IoT technology. It can improve energy efficiency, add capabilities, and contribute to ease of use. The downside is that internet connectivity allows for malicious ransomware and hacking. Someone could actually take over your home through your connected devices. By the... (more)

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The Truth and Hype of Ocean and Saltwater Technology

By VKJocums, published on Mar 10, 2017

Science and technology are constantly growing and expanding in every field. One particular area of interest is finding uses for the oceans/saltwater, one of the most readily available resources on the planet. Unfortunately, some of the most hyped technology involving saltwater does not live up to its press, yet.

History of Ocean Technology

Using the oceans’ bevy of resources has been done since civilization began. It started with finding better ways to harvest food from the ocean, then ways to travel and navigate. Then people started looking for ways to purify the water so it... (more)

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How to Avoid Fake News and Why You Should

By VKJocums, published on Feb 15, 2017

News is in the news. We have all heard about the fake news found on Facebook. We also cannot get away from President Trump’s accusations of biased, unprofessional journalists. In the past, we knew which news we could trust, and which news was suspect. Today, the topic is not so clear cut.

The internet provides us access to news from all over the world, almost instantaneously. Add in the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, and you have information overload available to us 24/7. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that all the information you find is true or accurate. No matter... (more)

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Technology Marvels in our Children's Future

By VKJocums, published on Jan 25, 2017

I was reading an article recently about all the cool things children don’t get to experience anymore. It bemoaned all the time spent on social media, video games, and the dissolution of teaching cursive writing in school. The author didn’t completely bash technology, but I definitely got the impression he would like to go back to pre-personal computer days.

I, too, remember my childhood fondly, and it was lacking in technology. We had a primitive (by today’s standards) gaming console and a calculator, but not much else. However, I would never send my children back to those days. I am... (more)

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My Perfect Plan for a Winter Pilgrimage to San Diego

By VKJocums, published on Dec 6, 2016

When I lived in Arizona, a summer trip to San Diego was almost mandatory. Not only did we get out of the desert heat, we got to visit one of my favorite places: the San Diego Zoo. Since moving back to the northwest, trips to San Diego are a lot harder to come by. Instead of a quick six-hour drive, you have a plane ride. The plane ride is actually quicker, but with security and cost, it is not easier. However, with the gray skies and cold temperatures of the winters in my new home, a winter trip to San Diego is something I crave more than I ever did my previous yearly pilgrimage.

So,... (more)

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Yes, Your Small Business Will Need to Print

By VKJocums, published on Dec 4, 2016

No matter the size of your small business, or the type of business it is, at some point you will need to have printed documents. We are getting closer and closer to an all-electronic world, but we are still not quite there. So, whether you are a dog walker, a small online retailer, or website designer, you will need to print at some point.

Most small businesses need three types of printing: business forms and communication, marketing collateral, and signage. You might be able to get all three types of products done locally, but you will probably save money by sourcing these separately.

... (more)

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There is Hope for Gender Equality in the Workplace

By VKJocums, published on Oct 28, 2016

My mom didn’t model feminism for my sister and I. She didn’t even model being a career woman. She was a stay-at-home mom, but somehow we both still got the message that we should grow up to be independent women. I never remember thinking that I couldn’t be whatever I wanted to be.

Today, I read everywhere about glass ceilings and the women around me write about sex discrimination in the workplace. I also have female friends that talk about how poorly they are compensated compared to the men in the same position. I acknowledge that these are true. We do still have a long way to go, especially... (more)

Tags: technology, law enforcement, gender equality, title ix

When You Have Two Months to Plan a Wedding

By VKJocums, published on Aug 19, 2016

My fiancé and I are getting married in October. At least, that is the plan. It has been the plan for about nine months when we were finally able to decide on a date. Unfortunately, like much of the rest of my life the past year, the planning has not been going smoothly. Honestly, the planning has not even been going at all.

Well, now we have two months before the wedding and we have a venue.

Yes, that is it. Just a venue. Oh, and we have an officiant.

If we were younger, I could say that we had needed to research things like: "can we get married when we have so much student... (more)

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