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Supermarket Competition: Popular Ways to Attract Customers

By VikiPan, published on Oct 13, 2015

It is not a secret that the number of supermarket chains keeps growing all over the world nowadays. This especially concerns European supermarkets, the competition among which has become more severe during the previous years. As a result, most companies have to use different methods not only to retain devoted customers, but also to encourage new ones to use their services and purchase their products. In most cases, this is the only way for supermarket chains to withstand the tough competition observed in this business nowadays. Let us have a closer look at several things that can help supermarkets... (more)

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Forex Trading in Arab Countries: Basic Characteristics

By VikiPan, published on Oct 13, 2015

The popularity of the Forex market should not be underestimated nowadays. This is because it is the largest financial market on the globe, which has its own rules, peculiarities and differences from other financial markets. One of the most crucial distinctions of the Fx market is that investors are given a chance to respond to all the possible currency fluctuations triggered by the changes in the political, economic and social spheres on time, without the need to wait for the exchanges to open. This is, probably, one of the main reasons of the popularity of the Forex market in the world.

... (more)

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Financial Markets of the Arab Countries

By VikiPan, published on Aug 11, 2015

Financial markets are those places where companies and people tend to buy or sell specific financial products, such as bonds and stocks, with different purposes. Their only intention, however, is to gain profit by means of making successful deals. As a rule, buyers wish to buy financial products at lowest prices, while sellers strive for selling them at the highest price possible. Nowadays, there are different types of financial markets depending upon the type of the financial product.

Financial Markets of the Arab Countries: Characteristics and Popular Trends

The most popular... (more)


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