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Ultimate Inter-Disciplinary Theory

By Vikas Sharma, published on Jan 22, 2015

Potentialism Theory (aka Quest for Potential? Theory aka Q4P-Theory) was developed by Conceptual Theorist David Birnbaum of Manhattan. The theory proposes no less than a revolution in thought.

In a nutshell, it proposes that there exists – threading through the Cosmic Order – a hitherto undiscerned dynamic; per the proposal, this dynamic is the Common Denominator of the Cosmic Order – past-present-future. See

This discerned dynamic is not quite religious and not quite secular; rather, it is suis generis – meaning, in its own category. The religious may... (more)

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The Philosophical Vanguard

By Vikas Sharma, published on Nov 20, 2014

Potentialism Theory et al.

For the greater part of the last century, cosmology has increasingly moved to a mechanistic model of the universe. In particular, Randomness has become the central theme of the “hard” science community. Physicists have tried valiantly to prove the history and meaning of the universe in simple, mathematical and purely physical terms. Its ‘crowning achievement’ is Randomness. However, ‘crowning achievement’ does not always mean success (or validity), as we will see.

In Randomness cosmology, the universe exists without purpose or meaning or direction and... (more)

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Does God Seek After His Own Potential?

By Vikas Sharma, published on Sep 4, 2014

The 21st Century Theory of Potentialism

God and science do not ‘easy bedfellows make.’ It is rare to hear both – God and Science – in the same room unless there is an argument ensuing. Twentieth century science had fought a long, hard battle to remove the spiritual from cosmology. Academic science assiduously endeavored to explain the cosmos as a whole, totally devoid of the possibility of even the possibility of the spiritual; the concerted attempt was to explain the universe in purely physical, scientific terms to the 100% exclusion of any overarching force whatsoever to the Cosmic... (more)

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The Mind of God: Hawking v. Birnbaum

By Vikas Sharma, published on Aug 6, 2014

In 1988 University of Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking said, “If we do discover a complete theory of the universe...then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason—for then we would know the mind of God....”

Coincidentally, also in 1988, independent metaphysicist David Birnbaum of Manhattan announced that he had most probably finally uncovered that very complete theory. In his three... (more)

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Transcendent Force?

By Vikas Sharma, published on Mar 21, 2014

Is there an eternal dynamic which drives the cosmic order forward? Religion posits that such a power exists: God. But our learned academicians would have none of it. The ‘entrenched academic’ mantra is: “Everything is random; all is happenstance; there is no design or designer; there is no meaning or purpose to the cosmic order. We live in an accidental multi-billion galaxy universe.”

The entrenched academics caution the wavering that if you reject ‘Randomness’ they are then thrown-into-the-arms of the supernatural Creationists, heaven forbid. The creationists counter that if you reject... (more)

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Guidelines for Choosing a Career Path

By Vikas Sharma, published on Mar 13, 2014

Guidelines for Choosing a Career Path

While you are young and studying for your future career, you tend to believe in the old myth that the harder you work, the better career you would have. Unfortunately, your faith in the myth will evaporate as soon as you leave college or university and enter the real life, trying to find a job for you. And there is no place of blaming educational establishments – they do what they have to, inspiring, motivating and educating students. But the thought that most student have – “I don’t know what to do with my life” can be really depressing.

In... (more)

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