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New World

By vibhu sharma, published on May 28, 2010

Violence, blood and death define the modern world,

where emotions and feelings are left untouched.

Life has found a new meaning in greed,

this is a place where all negative thoughts breed.

The most beautiful place in the universe is our planet Earth,

Still waiting for the time, when all of us understand its worth.



Egypt- The Land of Discovery

By vibhu sharma, published on Oct 3, 2006

Egypt, the land of pyramids, deserts, and mysteries is not just a historical land but also one of the most preferred tourist destinations. It is a traveler's delight. Let me tell you about this magical "land of discovery.' No country on earth boasts of a longer recorded history than does Egypt- the Eternal Gift of Nile, goes the description of Egypt in the words of historian Herodotus. Egypt is said to be a land of antiques, pyramids, and massive temples. But the fact is that Egypt is much more than all this. Situated at the crossroads of Asia and Africa, Egypt is known for its prosperous... (more)


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